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OHCS is moving all of our content to an intranet site specifically for NOAA employees located here. During this transition, this website will no longer be updated. Please contact hrwebmaster@noaa.gov with any questions or comments.

Name/Marital Status Change Checklist

Please note: As of Sunday, May 27, 2018, the Department of Commerce’s Enterprise Services Organization is your provider for most Payroll and Benefits services. You can access and manage these services through the Enterprise Services Portal (https://EnterpriseServices.service-now.com/ES/).

Should you require assistance with Payroll and Benefits, you can submit a help ticket through the Portal, or you can reach out to the Enterprise Services Contact Center by phone (1.888.316.2285) or email (EnterpriseServicesHR@doc.gov). Please note that you should never submit Personally Identifiable Information (PII) directly via email; always use the Portal or Accellion.

When changing your name and/or marital status, the following list may be helpful in determining which forms you need to complete. All of the forms listed below can be obtained from your Workforce Management Office or are available online in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

  1. SF-52, Request for Personnel Action -- Required for name changes only, not change in marital status. This action will change your name in the personnel/payroll database, and, if applicable, for your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and your health insurance. (This document should be processed through normal channels.)
  2. SF-2809, Health Benefits Registration Form -- Submit this form to enroll, change, or cancel coverage based on a qualifying life event (QLE) from the Table of Permissible Changes in Enrollment shown on the form. This form is not required if (a) you only wish to change your name; or (b) you currently are under a family plan and you only want to add or delete a spouse. Instead, contact your health plan carrier directly.
    Additionally, you may be eligible to enroll in the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Program (FEDVIP) or add your new spouse to your current FEDVIP enrollment. To see if you qualify for this coverage, please contact a Customer Service Representative at BENEFEDS. They may be reached at 1-877-888-FEDS (1-877-888-3337), TTY 1-877-889-5680 or via email at Service@BENEFEDS.com. You may also visit their website at http://www.benefeds.com for more information.
  3. SF-2817, Life Insurance Election Form -- Submit this form to elect or increase multiples of Option B-Additional or Option C-Family when a life event permits the change. You must provide the form and proof of the event within 60 days after the date of the event.

Additionally, you should complete any of the Designation of Beneficiary forms applicable below if you wish to change any previous designation or deviate from the established order of precedence listed on the form:

  1. SF-1152, Designation of Beneficiary, Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee. Send form to your Workforce Management Office.
  2. SF-2823, Designation of Beneficiary, Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI). Send form to your Workforce Management Office.
  3. SF-2808, Designation of Beneficiary, Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS). (If you have transferred to FERS, you must complete a designation form for FERS.) Send form directly to OPM; the address is on the form.
  4. SF-3102, Designation of Beneficiary, Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). (If you have transferred from CSRS, you must complete a designation form for FERS.) Send form to your Workforce Management Office.
  5. TSP-3, Thrift Savings Plan, Designation of Beneficiary. Send form directly to TSP; the address is on the form.

REMINDER: If you have moved, please change your residence address using the National Finance Center's Employee Personal Page/Employee Self Service (EPP/ESS) (After December 31st, 2004, DOC employees no longer will be able to use Employee Express to make these changes.) An address change made using the EPP/ESS will flow to the TSP Office if you have a TSP account, but you'll need to remember to notify these entities, as applicable: your health plan carrier; FSAFeds, if you have a Flexible Spending Account; LTCPartners if you have a Long Term Care account, and; OPM, if you have an account with them for such things as deposits or redeposits.



Page last edited: August 13, 2018

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