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OHCS is moving all of our content to an intranet site specifically for NOAA employees located here. During this transition, this website will no longer be updated. Please contact hrwebmaster@noaa.gov with any questions or comments.

NOAA's Recent Graduates Program

The Recent Graduates Program (Recent Grad's) affords developmental experiences in the Federal Government intended to promote possible careers in NOAA who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or programs. To be eligible, applicants must apply within two years of degree or certificate completion (except for veterans precluded from doing so due to their military service obligation, who have up to six years after degree completion to apply). Successful applicants are placed in a dynamic, developmental program with the potential to lead to a civil service career in the Federal Government. The program lasts for 1 year (unless the training requirements of the position warrant a longer and more structured training program). Here are some key provisions of the Recent Graduates Program.

Participants Eligibility

Program Administration

Qualification Requirements
Recent Grad's qualifications will differ by career field. Specific qualifications can be found on each Pathways opening on USAJOBS Student Jobs.

Training and Development
Participants will work with senior leadership and receive formal training and valuable training and development experience and contribute to the larger mission of NOAA in a meaningful way.

Program Completion and Conversion
Recent Graduates may be converted to a permanent position (or, in some limited circumstances, a term appointment lasting 1-4 years).

To apply:
You can find NOAA Pathways Recent Grad position on USAJOBS. Create your account on USAJOBS and get started! To refine your search:

Get the most from your job search with the video tutorial. This video walks you through how to find internships and entry-level jobs and how to set up an automatic search.

Pathways How To Tutorial

Screen shot of USAJOBS Pathways How To Tutorial

Additional Information:

Please direct any questions to: NOAA Pathways Program Office

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Page last edited: July 08, 2016

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