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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

NOAA's Presidential Management Fellows Program

The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program is a flagship leadership development program at the entry-level for advanced degree candidates. Created more than three decades ago, the program attracts and selects from among the best candidates and is designed to develop a cadre of potential Federal Government leaders. Here are some key provisions of the PMF Program.

Participants Eligibility
The PMF Program is centrally administered by the PMF Program Office within the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Applicants go through a demanding assessment and selection process measuring interpersonal, analytic, and leadership competencies. Generally, applicants must be completing or have completed, within the past two years or who will meet advanced degree requirements by August 31 of the year following the annual application announcement, a qualifying advanced degree – masters, law, or doctoral program. For the most up-to-date eligibility requirements for the PMF Program, please visit

Program Administration

Qualification Requirements

General Training and Developmental Experiences
NOAA has developed a mandatory NOAA PMF Training and Development Program to ensure that PMFs complete these program requirements. NOAA is also interested in ensuring that the content and quality of training received is beneficial and complimentary to the career development of PMFs. The Fellows' training and developmental assignments must be documented on his/her individual development plan (IDP).

Training and development are fundamental components of the PMF Program. Regulations require that Fellows receive a minimum of 80 hours of formal interactive training in each year of their fellowship. NOAA PMFs must complete two developmental assignments; one that is 120-180 calendar days (4-6 months) in length and one that is 30-180 calendar days (1-6 months) in length during the fellowship. These requirements must be completed prior to the Fellow's anticipated conversion date (2 years from the PMF's entry on duty date). NOAA PMFs must also establish and maintain a relationship with a mentor outside of their chain of command.

Training and Development

To apply:
The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program is administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Each year, candidates apply for the prestigious title of PMF Finalists by completing a competitive screening process organized by OPM. Please see the PMF web site for details on the current application process.

Additional Information:

Please direct any questions to: NOAA Pathways Program Office

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Page last edited: July 08, 2016

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