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NOAA Nursing Mothers Program

Breastfeeding and Working at NOAA WORKS!

Are you an expectant mother or a nursing mother? Are you interested in learning more about breastfeeding? Have you wondered what lactation services are provided at NOAA? Then the NOAA Nursing Mothers Program is for you!

When a mother receives workplace support, such as adequate space and time to express milk, support from supervisors and colleagues, and education, she is often able to continue to successfully breastfeed her child when she returns to work.

NOAA employees who choose to continue breastfeeding after they return to work can do so with confidence. That's because NOAA provides lactation support services to help them reach their personal infant feeding goals including 24/7 Access to Lactation Consultants, private space for breastfeeding mothers to express milk, breastfeeding and return to work webinars, peer support network activities, and educational resources.

Explore the NOAA Nursing Mothers Program webpages to learn more about our lactation support services and resources:

World August is Breastfeeding Month and here at NOAA, we believe breastfeeding is worth celebrating. NOAA employees are invited to join us for several special events as we continue providing support to our NOAA Nursing Mothers. Upcoming events will be announced via broadcast email.


Page last edited: July 26, 2017

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