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Wage Marine Pay Schedules

2009 Licensed Personnel
(effective July 05, 2009)

Rest of US Engineers Deck Positions
Boston Engineers Deck Positions
San Diego Engineers Deck Positions
Seattle Engineers Deck Positions

2009 Unlicensed Personnel
(effective July 05, 2009)

Rest of US Unlicensed Positions
Boston Unlicensed Positions
San Diego Unlicensed Positions
Seattle Unlicensed Positions

2009 Special Rates
(effective July 05, 2009)

Rest of US Special Rates - All Positions
Boston Special Rates - All Positions
San Diego Special Rates - All Positions
Seattle Special Rates - All Positions

2009 Approval Pages:
      Rest of US
      San Diego

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Page last edited: January 19, 2016

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