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PMF Program Eligibility and How to Apply

Program Eligibility

The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program is administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Each year, candidates apply for the prestigious title of PMF Finalists by completing a competitive screening process organized by OPM. Those candidates that excel are designated by OPM as PMF Finalists and are eligible for appointment as Fellows. PMF Finalists are not guaranteed a job. Rather, each Finalist is responsible for identifying positions of interest on OPM's Talent Acquisition System and arranging interviews with the contact persons listed for those positions. To facilitate this effort, OPM also conducts a PMF Career Fair in Washington, D.C. each spring. For more information, please visit OPM's PMF website at:

If you determine that you are not eligible to apply for the PMF program, consider pursuing other employment opportunities with NOAA. The best source of information on current vacancies within NOAA (and government-wide) is USA Jobs, at: On that website, you can search by location (city and state), by category (type of job), and/or by salary range.

For specific questions regarding the PMF program at NOAA, please contact NOAA's Acting Pathways Program Manager, Theodoris Corbett.

Theodoris Corbett
Acting NOAA Pathways Program Manager
Phone: (301) 713-6366

Page last edited: February 10, 2017

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