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Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Hiring a Presidential Management Fellow Fact Sheet

What is the PMF Program?

What kinds of positions can these candidates fill?

Why should I hire a PMF?

Is there a cost involved for hiring a PMF?

What is the promotion schedule for PMFs?

Note:   PMFs may be initially appointed at the GS-11/12 (or equivalent) based on qualifications and agency need.PMFs may be promoted up to the GS-13 level (or equivalent) upon completion of the fellowship. For specific information on the promotion schedule or career ladder for a particular position or job series, please contact NOAA Pathways Programs Manager (contact information, below.)

Are there mandatory training and developmental assignments for PMFs?

In addition, NOAA Fellows are required to establish and maintain a relationship with a mentor outside of their normal chain of command. Fellows must also develop an individual development plan (IDP) in conjunction with their supervisor and submit four versions of it for review at set times throughout their fellowship to NOAA's PMF Program Manager.

Help is Available Anytime!

For PMF Recruitment Questions: Contact Theodoris Corbett, NOAA Acting Pathways Programs Manager, at: or 301-713-6366.

For PMF Training and Development Questions: Contact Tracy Levstik, NOAA's PMF Training Program Manager, on: (303) 497-4231 or via email at:

Due to the time sensitive nature of the PMF recruitment cycle, please coordinate closely with WFMO. This will minimize delays, ensure program requirements are met, and enable a smooth process for all.

Page last edited: February 10, 2017

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