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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Congratulations on Your Selection as a PMF Finalist!

NOAA in parade image

Congratulations on your selection as a Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program Finalist! The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been supportive of the PMF program for over 28 years and has hired more than 112 PMFs since 1987. NOAA employs many former PMFs in permanent positions, including NOAA’s Director of Education and NOAA's Director of Acquisition and Grants. These individuals come from diverse educational backgrounds including public administration, international affairs, and environmental planning, and make contributions throughout NOAA in policy analysis, program implementation, management, and budget.

With an extensive alumni group, there are many opportunities to contribute to NOAA's primary mission and ultimate goal - predicting environmental change to protect life and property and providing industry and decision makers with a reliable base of scientific information on the world in which we live. Information on the NOAA PMF hiring process and related resources can be found on this website.

For specific questions regarding the PMF program at NOAA, please contact Theodoris Corbett.

We Hope You Will Consider NOAA For Your PMF Experience!

Theodoris Corbett
Acting NOAA Pathways Program Manager
Phone: (301) 713-6366

Page last edited: February 10, 2017

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