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NOAA Technology Transfer Awards

2004 Winners
Dr. Timothy D. Crum, NWS
Stephen A. Del Greco, NESDIS
Kevin E. Kelleher, OAR
Thomas Sandman, NWS
Philip Cragg, NWS

For the development of a national, real-time, radar data, archival and Internet2 delivery system for universities, governments, and the private sector.

2003 Winner
Steven C. Hankin, OAR:
For technology transfer enabling unprecedented, web-based, one-stop access to distributed datasets across federal, state, academic, commercial and non-profit organizations.

2002 Winners
Gregory J. Doucette, NOS
Frances Van Dolah, NOS

For the development and transfer of receptor technologies for harmful algal bloom toxins.

2001 Winners
David A. Merritt, OAR
Kenneth P. Moran, OAR
Madison J. Post, OAR
David C. Welsh, OAR
Thomas Ayers, OAR:
For the successful development of the first unattended cloud radar able to operate continuously in extreme conditions.

Page last edited: January 17, 2008

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