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External Awards

External Awards


Arthur S. Flemming Award

David M. Anderson, NESDIS
For excellence in paleoclimatology research for promoting the use, visibility, and avialability of pre-instrumental climate data.


Women of Color Government and Defense Technology Awards

Brenda C. Taylor, NWS
For leadership in implementing the Section 508 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology Standards at the National Weather Service.

Janice M. Sylvestre, NWS
For contributions to river mechanics and computational hydraulics.

Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers

Steven S. Brown, OAR
For using the Acavity ring-down spectrometer to measure previously inaccessible, short-lived and highly reactive chemicals in the atmosphere.

Thomas M. Hamill, OAR
For research in understanding what causes errors in weather forecasts.


GEICO Public Service Award

Richard W. Schwerdt, NWS
For active participation in the National Stuttering Project, organizing activities which led to the creation of a local support group chapter.


Roger W. Jones Award

Robert S. Winokur
For guiding the implementation of a Presidential Decision Directive, which was a significant element of the National Performance Review.

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