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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Employee and Team Member of the Month

In March 2001, NOAA kicked off two new and distinctly important monthly awards programs--the NOAA Employee of the Month and the NOAA Team Member of the Month.

Both awards reward excellence for demonstrated and sustained effort in advancing NOAA's mission. The NOAA Employee of the Month Award honors an outstanding employee chosen from among all occupations and grade levels except members of the Senior Executive Service and Office Directors. Employees in these two categories are not eligible.

The NOAA Team Member of the Month Award pays tribute to a non-NOAA employee. From the Coastal Services Center in Charleston to our Joint Institutes in Boulder, the idea here is to give credit to the outstanding people who make our NOAA programs a success but are not actually Federal employees.

Selection criteria in both categories include completion of a short-term project or special assignment which requires a unique or innovative approach; developing and implementing procedures that enhance office productivity and efficiency; enhancing Line or Staff Office morale through teamwork; exhibiting flexibility in meeting new challenges; providing front line customer service which reflects favorably on the office; and improving public awareness and/or understanding of NOAA programs.

Nominations will be submitted to designated NOAA Line or Staff Offices on a rotating basis each month.

Winners are recognized with a certificate from the Under Secretary/Administrator, an All-NOAA email from the Deputy Under Secretary for Operations, and their photographs displayed in NOAA's Headquarters (Department of Commerce Building), in our Silver Spring offices, and in our Regional Administrative Support Centers. Recognition by all of NOAA and our expression of appreciation will be broad.

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Page last edited: December 07, 2015

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