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Awards History

Diversity SPECTRUM Award

2004 Recipients
2003 Recipients
2002 Recipients
2001 Recipients
2000 Recipients
1999 Recipients

Best Practices Award

2003 Recipients
2002 Recipients
2001 Recipients

Diversity SPECTRUM Award

2004 Recipients

Executive Category
Susan L. Sutherland, MASC/CAO
For unwavering support and encouragement of diversity activities, programs and events within MASC and the Boulder Labs.

Patricia A. Kurkul, NMFS
For consistently demonstrating commitment to improving the NMFS Northeast Region workplace and workforce by sponsorship of an on-going Summer Student Internship Program.

Manager/Supervisor Category
Edward H. Young, Jr., NWS
For ensuring that the NWS Pacific Region’s diversity activities and initiatives are at the forefront of NOAA’s Diversity initiative.

Edwin J. Danaher, NWS
For advancing the goals of the NOAA Diversity initiative throughout an 11-year
management career at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction Hydrometeorological Prediction Center.

Christopher Mantzaris, NMFS
For sponsorship of an on-going Summer Student Internship Program and for fostering an energized EEO and Diversity Advisory Committee for the Northeast Region.

Management Official Category
Debra L. Persons, NOS
For formulating policy and guidance, including time and attendance policy, training, standard operating procedures for routine program work, awards and recognition.

Specialist/Professional Category
Ronald S. Lam, NWS
For dedication and hard work in motivating high school students in the field of meteorology.

Barbara D. Brooks, NESDIS
For diligently laying the foundation for success and proactively seeking a balance
of training and experience by serving as a change agent in DOC, NOAA and
NESDIS for over 10 years.

Deirdre Kimball, NMFS
For the creation of a positive, inclusive work environment which motivated
employees to achieve a cohesive, office-wide diversity intern program at the NMFS Northeast Regional Office.

Tracy Levstik, MASC/CAO
For outstanding diversity achievements while serving two consecutive terms as
Chair of the MASC Diversity Council and Project Leader of the Council’s

NMFS Northeast Region Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Advisory Committee
For improving awareness and appreciation of diversity among employees in the NOAA Fisheries Northeast Region and encouraging improvements in management practices.

Clerical/Administrative Support Category
Alfreda Carter, NESDIS
For supporting the NESDIS Diversity Plan’s Mission Statement and for fostering an inclusive and supportive environment

Sharon (Winnie) Agy, NOS
For efforts to identify barriers and recommend/implement solutions for NOAA systems, policies and practices that

2003 Recipients

Executive Category
Martha R. Cuppy, CASC Director, NFA
Dean Gulezian, Director, NWS Eastern Region, NWS

Specialist/Professional Category
James D. Martin, Resource Management Division, NMAO (Posthumously)
Joseph Vitaliano, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, NMFS
Nina L. Jackson, Office of the Chief Information Officer, NESDIS
Gregory R. Hammer, National Climatic Data Center, NESDIS
Timothy J. Walsh and Terry V. Babb, Satellite Operations Control Center, NESDIS
Sheryl M. Thomasson, MASC Facilities and Logistics Division, NFA
Ruth C. Moore, Management and Budget Office, NOS

Supervisory/Managerial Category
Steven W. Landino, Washington State Habitat Branch, NMFS
Nancy Huang, Information Management Division, OAR
Gwen Revels, Marilyn DeJarnatt, Dail Hobbs, Gary Scibona, Frank Rabuse, Janette Labbee, Mary C. Cox, and Anthony Harrison, CASC Division Chiefs, NFA
Michael Daniels, EASC Financial Management Division, NFA
Donald P. Jiron, Pacific Region Administrative Management Division, NWS
Thomas E. Kriehn, WFO-Morehead City, NC, NWS

Clerical/Administrative Support Category
Edith McHenry, NOAA General Counsel, Alaska Region, OGC

2002 Recipients

Professional Support Category
Janet Herr, Habitat Conservation Division , NMFS

Specialist/Professional Category
Bernard Cody, NOAA General Counsel for Fisheries , OGC
Michael S. Crumly, Space Environmental Center , OAR
Patricia Rust, Office of Hydrologic Development , NWS
Ramon Sierra, WFO-Brownsville, TX , NWS
Carmella Davis Watkins, National Climatic Data Center , NESDIS

Supervisory/Managerial Category
Gary M. Carter, Office of Hydrologic Development , NWS
Frank D. Marks, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory , OAR
August Shumbera, Jr., National Climatic Data Center , NESDIS

2001 Recipients

Support Category
Joy Hayden, NWS Forecast Office, Goodland, KS

Manager Category
David B. Reed , NWS Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center, Slidell, LA
Bruce Bauck, NWS Forecast Office, Pendleton, OR
Bob Diaz, NWS San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey, CA

Analyst Category
Nina Petrovich, NOS, Coastal Service Center, Charleston, SC
Janice M. Sylvestre, NWS, Office of Hydrologic Development, Silver Spring, MD
Ann Thorne, OAR, Climate Monitoring & Diagnostics Laboratory, Silver Spring, MD

OFA/CASC Diversity Council
Kansas City, MO
Janette Labbee
Susan Barnhart
Christi George
Merlyn Koftan
Sharon Whitehead
Judy Tjardes
Chuck Highes
Amy Gibbs
Dong Van Do

NMFS/NWSFSC - Northwest Fisheries Science Center,
Center Management Team
Seattle, WA
Usha Varanasi
Linda Jones
Carol Murray
Julie Peddy
Robyn Waples
John Stein
Bob Iwamoto
Mike Schiewe
Rick Methot
Jim Herkelrath

NESDIS/Satellite Operations Control Center
Suitland, MD
Terry Babb
Ronald Rademacher
Andre Dress
N.M. Simpson
Alva Butler
Steve Schhaffer

NOS/SP and OFA Silver Spring, MD
Tom LaPointe
Brian Johnson
Pam Rubin
James Faulkner
for Best Practices Awards.

2000 Recipients

Executive Category
Scott B. Gudes

Manager Category
Bruce Bauck, NWS
Bob Diaz, NWS
David Reed, NWS

Support Category
Joy Hayden, NWS

Analyst Category
Nina Petrovich, NOS
Janice Sylvestre, NWS
Ann Thorne, OAR

Concept Award
(For the Best Practices Award)
Dan Farrow, Brian Johnson, Tom La Pointe, Pam Rubin, James Faulkner

Group Awards
Satellite Operations Control Center - NESDIS
Terry Babb, Ronald Rademacher, Andre Dress, N.M. Simpson, Alva Butler, Steve Schaffer

Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Center Management Team - NMFS
Usha Varanasi, Linda Jones, Carol Murray, Julie Peddy, Robin Waples, John Stein, Bob Iwamoto, Mike Schiewe, Rick Methot, Jim Herkelrath

CASC Diversity Council - OFA
Janette Labbee, Susan Barnhart, Christi George, Merlin Kofton, Sharon Whitehead, Judy Tjardes, Chuck Hughes, Amy Gibbs, Dong Van Do

1999 Recipients

Spectrum for Executives - "Leading By Example"
Margaret Davidson (NOS):
For serving as a leader, role model and champion at the NOAA Coastal Services Center by demonstrating commitment to creating and managing a diverse workplace that works for all employees.

Rear Adm. Evelyn Fields (ONCO):
For serving as a leader, role model and champion in her former role as Deputy Assistant Administrator for Ocean Services and Coastal Zone Management by demonstrating a commitment to creating and managing a diverse workplace that works for all employees.

Nancy Foster (NOS):
For serving as a leader, role model and champion for managing diversity in her role as Assistant Administrator for Ocean Services and Coastal Zone Management by demonstrating a commitment to creating and managing a diverse workplace that works for all employees.

Thomas Pyke (HPCC and GLOBE):
For serving as a leader, role model and champion for managing diversity in his role as Director of the High Performance Computing and Communications and Global Learing and Observation to Benefit the Environment Programs by demonstrating a commitment to supporting diversity initiatives and managing and creating a workplace that works for all current and prospective employees.

Sprectrum Achievement Award - "Living The Vision"
Supervisory/Managerial Category

William T. Parker (NWS):
For serving as a leader and actively using the survey, feedback and action process to promote an atmosphere of trust and dialogue paving the way for substantive improvements in the workplace and for actively supporting mentoring and education initiatives to advance the mission of NOAA.

Joseph A. Uravitch (NOS):
For serving as a leader and proactively demonstrating a commitment to the creation of a workplace which supports all employees through the development of various teams to improve decision making, internal communications, morale, teamwork and diversity.

Specialist/Professional Category
Catherine Godfrey (NESDIS):
For coordinating various education initiatives in support of managing diversity, including survey, feedback and action.

Dennis Hansford (NMFS):
For initiative in working in the areas of workforce and managing diversity, identifying reforms in recruitment and serving as a role model and mentor to students.

Ambrose Jearld (NMFS):
For playing a key role in conceptualizing, organizing and chairing the NOAA-sponsored conference on expanding opportunities in oceanic and atmospheric sciences designed to strengthen linkages between NOAA and minority serving institutions.

Stanton Lum (OFA):
For initiatives in designing tools within human resources which facilitate the sharing of information with NOAA customers and for an active role in workforce diversity improvements.

William L. Parker (NWS):
For his role as a mentor and role model, in the initiation of partnerships with local schools to increase interst in meteorology and science and for giving presentations to schools and universities, encouraging youth to study and apply for vacancies in the sciences.

Dennis M. Weidner (NMFS):
For more than thirty years, serving as a mentor and teacher of interns to ensure their diverse talents are maximized, serving as a facilitator, and planning seminars which address issues of importance to students.

Specialist/Professional and Support Categories
William T. Turnbull, Harriet M. Chesi, Janet E. Ward, Jean M. Fitch, Montrese A. Diggs, Victoria L. Harps and James Wantz (HPCC and GLOBE):
For supporting NOAA Diversity Council education initiatives by fully supporting the broadcast of events on the Internet to allow participation by field employees, promoting Internet access to Internet web services by people with disabilities, managing the NOAA HPCC Accessibility Laboratory, where latest innovations in web access software and equipment are tested and managing the GLOBE program, which is a hands-on-science and education program that unites students, teachers and scientists from around the world in study and research about the dynamics of the Earth's environment.

NOAA Coastal Services Center:
For collectively striving to maintain an environment that works for all employees with 100-percent participation in survey feedback and action, including contract and non-contract employees, utilizing understanding differences tools throughout the center, such as Myers Briggs, and utilizing the full range of employee development and reward tools available to develop and recognize employees and modeling team behavior.

NWS Forecast Office, Springfield, Mo.:
For actively involving the office in career fairs, science fairs, community meetings, career counseling and mentoring and by initiating other measures which help create a workplace that supports all current and prospective employees.

Dennis Hoar, Elizabeth Wade, Juliana Blackwell, William T. McLemore, Jr., Joyce Turpin, Nancy McCary, J. Ross MacKay and Shepherd A. Cofer (NOS):
For proactively taking measures to support each employee by providing a supportive quality of work life as they strive to accomplish NOAA's mission as well as their professional goals.

Best Practices Award

2003 Recipients

Edwin Welles
Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service Team, NWS
For improving communications, including team members in the decision-making process, and giving team members more ownership of their work assignments.

2002 Recipients

David Brandon, NWS
Salt Lake City, UT

Nancy Huang, OAR
Silver Spring, MD

Bruce Ross, OAR
Princeton, NJ

2001 Recipients

National Marine Fisheries Service
Dr. Robert N. Iwamoto
Julie Peddy
Seattle, WA

Joan Palmer

Dr. James M. Nance

Thomas E. Bigford
Dr. John T. Everett
Silver Spring, MD

National Weather Service
William T. Davis

Jay del Cano
Honolulu, HI

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Richard Beeler
Boulder, CO