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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

2004 Bronze Medal Recipients

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR)

Mark Cunningham
For service in restoring operations to the NOAA/CMDL Samoa Baseline Atmospheric Observatory following category 5 Cyclone Heta, January 5-6, 2004.

National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service (NESDIS)

Eileen McVey
For developing a dynamic international program to address information needs in aquaculture.

L. Charles Sun
For the design, development and delivery of the Global Argo Data Repository at the National Oceanographic Data Center.

Pamela Taylor
For contributions to the creation of requirements-based, design criteria for future environmental observing systems.

Douglas Brauer
John Cunningham
Gary Davis
Robert Masters
Mike Mignogno
D. Brent Smith
Glenn E. Tallia, OGC
For negotiation of the Joint Transition Activities Agreement, realizing major cost savings for the U.S. and obtaining European contributions to a joint satellite program.

John Cunningham
Douglas Namian
Glenn E. Tallia, OGC
Peter Wilczynski
Douglas Brauer
James Valenti
Carol Breger
For installation of fiber communications at Svalbard, Norway resulting in timely, low-cost transmission of satellite data saving $40M over ten years.

Parmesh Dwivedi
Roger Griffis, NOS
Thomas LaPointe, NOS
Thomas Hourigan, NMFS
For leadership in implementing a coral reef information clearinghouse to meet U.S. Coral Reef Task Force requirements for NOAA and the Department.

Ralph Ferraro
Fuzhong Weng
Ingrid Guch
Joseph Askew
For creating high-quality products from the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit that improve weather forecasting and climate monitoring.

Richard Heim, Jr.
Douglas Lecomte, NWS
David Miskus, NWS
Richard Tinker, NWS
For developing new analysis techniques and synthesizing drought indicators into a single product—the U.S. Drought Monitor—used for planning and mitigation activities during the severe central and western drought of 2003.

Gregory Johnson
Mark Hall
Donald Allen
Steven Atkins
Patrick Belote
Charles Bryant
Michael Settles
Eric Chipman
Lance Seman
Diane Robinson
For developing and implementing the GOES-9 spacecraft operations over the far Pacific to provide environmental satellite support to the Japanese and worldwide community.

Michael Van Woert
Phil Hovey
Michael Chase, Navy
Jonathan Hasse, Navy
For the development of sea ice analysis algorithms at the National Ice Center which resulted in improved operational sea ice analysis and forecasting.

Katy Vincent
Timothy Stryker
Tahara Moreno
Douglas Brauer
For advancing U.S. commercial and security interests through outstanding satellite policy development, coordination, and outreach.

Gregory W. Withee
D. Brent Smith
Linda V. Moodie
Michael B. Hales
Kelly Turner
Emilie Bruchon
Renee L. Clarke
For leadership and coordination of international earth observation activities to better understand and predict changes in the global environment.

Direct Services Division
For leadership and management of the national SARSAT program resulting in a marked increase in the number of pilots, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts able to use personal locator beacons for life-saving purposes.

NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations (NMAO)

John R. Parrish
Christopher F. Hornbrook
David G. Brogan
Dale W. Carpenter
Alexander K. Rotteveel
Alan S. Goldstein
James H. Roles
John W. Hill
Gordon R. Kitson
Neal M. Dorst, OAR
CAPT Robert W. Maxson
CAPT Mark S. Finke
CAPT Robert X. McCann
CAPT Garner R. Yates
CDR Sean R. White, OAR
CDR Robert W. Poston
LCDR Michele A. Finn
For conducting hurricane surveillance missions during the September 2003 Hurricane Isabel that improved forecast data for the East Coast of the United States.

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)

Diane Borggaard
For enhancing public participation in the Take Reduction Team process by improving communication with fishermen and developing new gear modifications which reduce the risk of entangling right whales.

William Hearn
For resolving contentious water rights issues in central California by developing Instream Flow Guidelines for coastal salmonid bearing streams.

William Lind
For collaborating with the U.S. Forest Service on the complex and precedent-setting Endangered Species Act Consultation concerning the Southwest Idaho Forest Plans.

Glenn Salvador
For forging cooperative relationships with fishermen and developing new gear modifications which reduce the risk of entanglement and injury to sea turtles and sea mammals.

Special Agent Roy Torres
For investigating the death of an unlawfully shot sea lion pup leading to three convictions and reinforcing to the public that those who engage in violent acts against protected marine mammals will be prosecuted.

Amanda Wheeland, OGC
For preserving Endangered Species Act-listed salmon through the design of training and warning programs and creative prosecutorial solutions.

John Williams
For significantly advancing the understanding of fish migration and survival and its application to salmon conservation and hydropower management.

Lawrence Beerkircher
Charles Bergmann
Cheryl Brown
Sheryan Epperly
Daniel Foster
Dennis Lee
Stephen Meyers
Ronald Rinaldo
John Ward
John Watson, Jr.
For conducting a successful industry/government research program to reduce takes of protected sea turtles in commercial pelagic longline fisheries.

Louis Chiarella
David Stevenson
For ensuring the protection of Essential Fish Habitat through the development of Amendment 10 to the Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan.

Janet Hannah, AGO
Robert Ransom, AGO
Donald Thompson, AGO
For facilitating complicated contract procedures resulting in a successful industry/government fisheries research program which has allowed Northeast Distant and Western Pacific swordfish fisheries to re-open.

Karyl Brewster-Geisz
Caroline Park, OGC
Joseph Desfosse
Chris Rilling
Gregory Fairclough
Margo Schulze-Haugen
Peter Fricke
Heather Stirratt
For developing and implementing Amendment 1 to the Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic tunas, swordfish, and sharks which will allow these stocks to rebuild to sustainable levels.

Jeffrey Lockwood
Russell Strach
Cathryn Tortorici
Robert Anderson
For innovative water temperature guidance and mapping products adopted to protect Endangered Species Act-listed salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest.

Benjamin Meyer
Robert Jones, Jr.
Herbert Pollard
Cathryn Tortorici
Michael Crouse
For strategically relocating the world's largest Caspian tern colony and reducing predation on salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River Estuary.

John Mitchell
Charles Taylor
Jack Forrester
Kendall Falana
Bret Hataway
Nicholas Hopkins
Mariel Hughes
Robert Stevens
For developing and implementing new innovative Turtle Excluder Device technology in the commercial shrimp industry.

Michael Pentony
Bonnie VanPelt
For devising solutions to the unique challenges associated with the development and implementation of the Skate Fishery Management Plan.

Kimberly Damon Randall
Julia Crocker
Julia Williams, OGC
Charles Lynch, Jr., OGC
Jennifer Anderson
Pasquale Scida
For negotiating an agreement to re-license the Holyoke Hydroelectric Project that restores full access to habitats for endangered shortnose sturgeon.

Gregory Power
Sandra Arvilla
Daniel D'Entremont
Ethan Hawes
Joseph Moscato
Donald Paskowski
Vincie Susanno
Marianne Taylor
Pamela Thames
Esther Young
For improving customer service and business practices during the implementation of new and revised fishery management plans in the Northeast Region.

Nathan Raring
Erika Acuna
Stanislaw Kotwicki
Vanessa Lowe
Alisa Abookire
Eric Brown
William Flerx
Richard MacIntosh
Gary Walters
Mark Wilkins
For leadership in developing an At-Sea Safety Plan and Manual that provide essential guidance for harsh fieldwork environments in Alaskan waters.

Anita Riportella
Karen Greene
Stanley Gorski
Peter Colosi
For establishing a Special Programmatic General Permit to protect estuarine habitats, streamline interagency review, and improve customer service.

James Sargent
Kevin Holland
Patricia Hansford
For implementing a one-stop shopping Website for stakeholders to access all NOAA Fisheries permits and forms that are filed electronically.

Philip Steele
Michael Arn
Rodney Dalton
Wendy Skroskznik
Steven Branstetter
Janet Miller
Robert Sadler
Carolyn Sramek
Cheryl Franzen
Shepherd Grimes
For implementing complex permit systems for Gulf of Mexico fisheries that provide a foundation for managing and rebuilding overfished resources.

Stanley Wang
Joseph Cofone
Geraldine Gaipo
Laurie Heigl
Jerome Hermsen
Jonathan O’Neil
Alison Verry
Kurt Wilhelm
For improving the accuracy of marine species monitoring which allows fishermen to derive the maximum economic benefit from fishing without compromising the seafood industry or sustainable fisheries.

Thomas Warren
Susan Murphy
George Darcy
Eric Thunberg
John Walden
Jon Brodziak
Gene Martin, Jr., OGC
Mark Hodor, OGC
Catherine Belli
Mark Millikin
For the successful and timely completion of Amendment 13 to the Northeast Fishery Management Plan.

National Ocean Service (NOS)

John G. W. Kelley
For development of nowCOAST, a map-based Internet portal providing access to real-time observations and NOAA forecasts for all U.S. coastal regions.

David M. Kennedy
For leadership in promoting cross-NOAA collaboration to more effectively accomplish NOAA’s mission and develop a unified approach to managing integrated programs.

Edward H. Lindelof
For leading the National Marine Sanctuary Program’s management plan review process which is critical to the operations of all thirteen current sanctuary sites as well as the development of a fourteenth site.

Katharine W. Barba
Mary V. Hinchcliff
For conceiving and implementing the National Estuarine Research Reserve System Coastal Training Program to increase informed decision-making in the coastal zone.

Lynne M. Hinkey
Cory Anne Riley
Mary V. Hinchcliff
Katharine W. Barba
Sarah Ross
For enhancing the ability of state and local coastal managers to design and implement projects more effectively through the Project Design and Evaluation training course.

John A. Lindsay
Robert W. Aguirre
Nir Barnea
Gregory P. Gervais
James R. Malchow
Celestia E. Mayasleca
Paula J. Souik
David B. Winandy
James P. Wright
Christopher Donohue, OAR
Lynne B. Phipps, AGO
For adapting scientific and engineering tools and technology to rapidly remediate contaminated sites in the remote and harsh climatic conditions of the Pribilof Islands.

Joseph M. Robinson
Thomas J. Loeper
Thomas J. Finocchiaro
For the redesign and production of new, NOAA nautical chart catalogs, the first redesign in thirty years of the marine community’s fundamental navigation tool.

National Weather Service (NWS)

Reggina C. Garza
For leading an international project between the U.S. and Vietnam which resulted in the successful development of a flood prediction system for Vietnam’s Red River.

Stuart Hinson, NESDIS
Larry J. Griffin, NESDIS
Bradley A. Ballish
William Whitmore
Jeffrey Stoudt
William Blackmore
For detecting erroneous data in upper air measurements and enabling faster identification of defective radiosonde equipment thereby saving $200,000 in costs.

William Adams
Thomas Bird
Richard Davis
Thomas Harris
Gregory Murdoch
Seth Nagle
Jonathan Pelton
John Wachter
Paul Witsaman
For accurate, on-site weather forecasts and warnings that kept Space Shuttle Columbia recovery responders safe, informed, and productive.

Mary Buckingham
Darien Davis, OAR
Uwe Grote, OAR
Timothy Hopkins
Deirdre Jones
Charles Piercy
Michael Romberg, OAR
James Williams
Franz Zichy
For developing and nationally deploying the AWIPS Linux Migration Project thereby reducing hardware, maintenance and operations costs and improving warning lead times by nearly two minutes.

William F. Haden
Christina A. Horvat
For increasing the security of the Nation’s weather radars and supporting systems to ensure overall system integrity without compromising the ability to deploy new radar science rapidly.

Billy Olsen
William Lawrence
James Paul
Michael Pierce
Jeffery McMurphy
Michael Boehmke
Isaiah Daniels
Judith Bradberry
Patrick Sneeringer
Eric Jones
For designing, coding, testing, and implementing an operational computer backup system for use at NWS River Forecast Centers.

Joseph M. Palko
David G. Hotz
Alan Blackburn
John J. LaCorte
Gerald B. Smith
Raymond M. Tanabe
Allan H. Fisher
Cammye Sims
Carl Mccalla, Sr.
Michael Graf
For developing and implementing a new software set of forecast tools which greatly improve NOAA aviation forecasts and are critical to maintaining safe and efficient airspace.

Weather Forecast Office Blacksburg, Virginia
Weather Forecast Office Charleston, West Virginia
Weather Forecast Office Mt. Holly, New Jersey
Weather Forecast Office State College, Pennsylvania
Weather Forecast Office Binghamton, New York
Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center
Southeast River Forecast Center
Weather Forecast Office Buffalo, New York
Weather Forecast Office Wilmington, North Carolina
Ocean Prediction Center
Eastern Region Regional Operations Center
For ensuring uninterrupted communications with local decision-makers which allowed advance weather warnings to reach residents and save lives and property during Hurricane Isabel.

Weather Forecast Office Birmingham, Alabama
Weather Forecast Office Huntsville, Alabama
For providing warnings and other advisories which resulted in no lives being lost despite a historic flooding event in Alabama.

Weather Forecast Office Miami, Florida
For providing life-saving warnings to the people of South Florida during the deadly tornado outbreak of March 27, 2003.

Weather Forecast Office Pocatello, Idaho
For exemplary severe winter weather support to southeast Idaho during extreme winter weather conditions from December 26, 2003 through January 1, 2004.

Weather Forecast Office Marquette, Michigan
For customer service provided during and following the Dead River Flash Flood ensuring the safety of hundreds and enhancing the ability to respond to future dam failures.

Weather Forecast Office Billings, Montana
For providing watch, warning, and forecast services in support of wildfire suppression during the extreme 2003 fire season in the northern Rockies.

Weather Forecast Office Missoula, Montana
For exemplary weather support to fire suppression personnel during the 2003 record fire season in western Montana and north-central Idaho.

Weather Forecast Office Cleveland, Ohio
For outreach and education to Great Lakes shippers saving nearly $250,000 in costs, preventing damage to vessels, and reducing the need for assistance from the Coast Guard.

Weather Forecast Office Las Vegas, Nevada
For life-saving warnings and statements during the severe flash flood event in Las Vegas on August 19, 2003.

NOAA Management and Administration

William T. Peterson, NMFS
For developing a NOAA-wide Climate and Ecosystem program element that represents the needs of all NOAA line offices in time for the FY06 funding cycle.

John Shanahan, Jr., CAO
Lawrence Hiemenz, CFO
For collaborative efforts in combining business process and information technology to provide NOAA facilities survey management and reporting.

Daniel R. Strandy, CAO
For managing nearly fifty percent of NOAA's major facility construction and leasing projects, totaling $260M, under tight time and budgetary constraints.

Michael Matthews, USEC
Priti Brahma, NWS
Sarah Maloney, CIO
Chun Kim, CIO
Larry Sparks, CIO
For the development of NSTAR, a management tool for electronically managing leadership speeches and the presentation of a consistent NOAA message.

Thomas Laughlin, Int’l Affairs
Elizabeth McLanahan, Int’l Affairs
Elaine Denning, Int’l Affairs
Jennifer Murphy, Int’l Affairs
Susan Harris, Int’l Affairs
Dionne Thompson, Int’l Affairs
Ann Bryant, Int’l Affairs
Barbara Bryan, Int’l Affairs
For excellence in support of the White Water to Blue Water initiative that forged international partnerships for sustainable development in the Wider Caribbean Region.

Janet L. Clark, AGO
Daniel R. Gomez, AGO
Susan L. Labovitz, AGO
Brenda S. Summers, AGO
For outstanding customer service and overcoming time constraints, staff shortages, and new administrative requirements in support of the NOAA Research Joint Institute Program.

Bonnie Morehouse, PA&E
Kevin Amos, PA&E
Michael House, PA&E
Joyce Paljug, PA&E
Suzanne Skelley, PA&E
Ashley Chappell, NOS
Bonnie Ponwith, NMFS
Ron Zwickl, OAR
Leah Bunce, NOS
Pai-Yei Whung, OAR
Margo Schulze-Haugen, NMFS
Rosa Chiedi, PA&E
For strengthening NOAA’s contribution to the Nation by linking NOAA’s strategic vision to strong and executable programs through the development of the FY06 NOAA Program.

Rebecca Vasvary, CIO
Diane B. Davidowicz, CIO
Lawrence J. Reed, CIO
For the development and management of the NOAA’s Computer Incident Response Team (N-CIRT) which protects against cyber intrusions and responds to computer security incidents.

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