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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

2003 Bronze Medal Recipients

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

Jian-Wen Bao
For facilitating collaboration between the NOAA Research Laboratories in the development of a chemical weather forecasting model.

Daniel Wolfe
For coordinating the final integration of hardware and software into completed measurement systems whichadvance the Environmental Technology Laboratory’s research interests.

Nancy Huang
For transforming IT professionals from a geographically dispersed organization into an effective, synergistic, virtual CIO Organization.

PACJET Research and Development Team
For the development of a snow-level algorithm for boundary-layer wind profilers which will improve national winter weather forecasts.

National Weather Service

Dan Baumgardt
For leadership in the development and implementation of Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System operational software capabilities.

Jack Endicott
For the establishment of a region-wide local recruitment and hiring program applicable to remote communities throughout the Weather Service’s Alaska Region.

Timothy Rulon
For leadership and customer focus in developing and implementing improvements in the dissemination of marine weather forecasts and warnings to coastal residents.

Mark Betsch
Dominic Bosco
Russell Cook
Martin Luecke
John McNulty, Jr.
James Schofield
For the acquisition, installation and integration of a weather radar in the Evansville, Indiana area four months ahead of schedule.

Brian Connelly
Michael Dutter
Andrea Holz
Thomas Hultquist
James Larosa
Daniel Lipinski
James Sieveking
Robin Turner
Mark Walton
For outstanding customer service provided during the unprecedented spring snow melt flooding in April 2002 across central Upper Michigan.

Derek Lee Loy
Karl Turner
For superior leadership in the management of the National Weather Service data collection networks throughout the U.S. affiliated Pacific Islands.

Kenneth Holmes
Vernon Preston
Carl Weinbrecht
For collaborative efforts to successfully make Idaho the National Weather Service’s leading StormReady state in both 2001 and 2002 with 102 locations certified.

Kandis Boyd
Charles Callahan
Kenneth Cook
Scott Dummer
Larry Ellis
Douglas Kluck
A. Juliann Meyer
Larry Rundquist
Michelle Schmidt
John Sikora
For the standardization of the Hydrologic Forecast System database across the entire National Weather Service.

Mark A. Mathewson, OAR
Thomas J. LeFebvre, OAR
Tracy L. Hansen, OAR
Michael B. Romberg, OAR
For leadership in creating software to allow all Weather Service offices to generate high-resolution, digital and graphical forecasts in real-time operations.

Stephan B. Smith
Thomas M. Graziano
Michael T. Filiaggi
Michael E. Churma
Michael M. Mercer
Jon M. Roe
Mark J. Glaudemans
Kenneth W. Howard, OAR
Robert S. Davis
For the development and operational implementation of the Flash Flood Monitoring and Prediction System.

Angel M. Corona
Richard W. Courtney
Rosemarie L. Cunningham
Carl F. Dierking
Larry B. Hubble
Per A. Pedersen
For the development and implementation of the National Weather Service, Alaska Region automated ship observation reporting services.

Weather Forecast Office San Angelo, Texas
For providing severe weather and hydrologic warnings, as well as other critical weather information, during the Spring 2002 record severe-weather season.

Paducah Weather Service Forecast Office
For providing critical, life-saving weather warnings during a rare outbreak of extremely severe thunderstorms and violent tornadoes from April 9 - May 2, 2002.

Weather Forecast Office Blacksburg, Virginia
Weather Forecast Office Raleigh, North Carolina
Weather Forecast Office Columbia, South Carolina
Weather Forecast Office Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina
Weather Forecast Office, Wakefield, Virginia
For early recognition and provision of extremely effective warning services for the devastating December 2002 Carolina/Virginia ice storm.

NWS Incident Meteorologists
For meteorological support which helped ensure the safety of nearly 33,000 firefighters during the 2002 wildfire season.

Weather Forecast Office Glasgow, Montana
For advanced, accurate warnings provided to the citizens of northeast Montana during two significant flash flooding events which resulted in extensive property damage.

Radar Operations Center
Space Flight Meteorology Group
Southern Region Headquarters
National Severe Storms Laboratory
National Climatic Data Center
Warning Decision Training Branch
For rapid and innovative actions in collecting, archiving and analyzing weather radar data to assist the Shuttle Columbia accident investigation.

National Ocean Service
Martin E. Burnett
For leadership in establishing the Hollings Marine Laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina as a fully operational research laboratory despite major design and construction obstacles.

Jeffrey L. Hyland
For improving the understanding of coastal ecosystem conditions through the development and application of indicators to assess the effects of contaminants on benthic communities.

Roy W. Anderson
Edward E. Carlson
Cindra S. Craig
David B. Crockett
Kendall L. Fancher
Lucy W. Hall
Timothy R. Osborn
Kurt D. Shinkle
Robert L. Zurfluh
For implementing a rapid survey of Louisiana Highway-1 to determine the subsidence of a critical hurricane evacuation route.

Thomas J. Finocchiaro
Kenneth R. Forster
Wesley D. Gibbs
Alexandra B. Heliotis
Marc E. Higgins
For developing and implementing an Internet-based system for the U.S. Power Squadron to submit nautical charting data to NOAA.

John D. Broadwater
Jeffrey P. Johnston
Michele E. Fox
June Feggins Hooe
For exemplary leadership, dedication, and perseverance that led to the successful recovery in 2002 of the USS Monitor’s famous revolving gun turret.

Ila R. Best
Barbara Z. MacNeill
Martin M. Freeman, OGC
Russell Craig, DOC OGC
Susan Burnett, DOC OGC
For the successful completion of five Coastal Energy Impact Program loan restructurings which resulted in $24 million in financial recoveries to NOAA.

Coast Pilot Branch
For improvements to the United States Coast Pilot® which reduced the cost of maintaining this supplement to NOAA’s nautical charts and resulted in safer navigation in U.S. waters.

Navigation Services Division
For exemplary customer service in increasing outreach to maritime organizations, gathering input from the user community, to improve NOAA’s nautical products and services.

Homeland Security
For professional excellence in performing Homeland Security hydro surveys at ports on the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and Alaska.

Electronic Navigational Chart Team
For developing and implementing the NOAA Electronic Navigational Chart program which distributes electronic charts for free and provides virtually real-time updating capabilities.

National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service
Patrick Caldwell
For excellence in expanding critical sea level observation and data recovery partnerships among non-English speaking nations within the Pacific Rim.

Linda Pikula
For creating the innovative training program, Ocean Teacher, developed for African maritime nations to expand their capabilities to access global oceanographic observations.

Shobha Kondragunta
For developing a method that for the first time provides accurate satellite retrievals of worldwide atmospheric ozone amounts including polar regions.

Keith Levinson
Francis Mitchell
For recovering missing metadata critical to documenting early National Oceanographic Data Center archived data.

Jimi Anzelc
Todd Brooks
Brenda Cumbie
Robert Finson
Cynthia Hampton
Mark Healy
Janis Smyly
Marshall Smyly
For leadership and engineering expertise in the quick recovery of the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F-15 mission.

Changyong Cao
Lawrence Flynn
Thomas J. Kleespies
Tsan Mo
Jerry T. Sullivan
Michael P. Weinreb
For enabling early access to improved data for climate and weather applications by augmenting the post-launch checkout of the NOAA-17 sensors.

National Marine Fisheries Service
Rodney Dalton
For significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

Tamra Faris
For leadership and initiative in providing training for implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act.

Kevin Friedland
For understanding and elucidating the effect of thermalhabitat windows on the ocean growth and survival of salmon in the North Atlantic.

Keith Kirkendall
For leading a collaborative effort, which resulted in an agreement to remove two dams in the Sandy River Basin, promoting the recovery of protected species.

Seaberry Nachbar, NOS
For establishing the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Education and Training Program (B-WET), which furthers the appreciation of coastal resources to ensure their long-term health and viability.

Sharon Rolfes
For initiative and leadership in providing administrative support critical to the protection of Essential Fish Habitat and dependent fishery resources.

Rosemary Troian
For developing and implementing an outreach program for the NOAA Fisheries Southwest Science Center, which increases public awareness of marine utilization issues.

Richard Methot, Jr.
For advancing the scientific information that underpins West Coast groundfish and marine ecosystems with the result of improved stock assessments and stronger worldwide fisheries programs.

Vera Trainer
Nicolaus Adams
Keri Baugh
Brian Bill
Bich-Thuy Eberhart
Sylvester Spencer
Marc E. Suddleson, NOS
John Wekell
For developing an unprecedented partnership, which has improved understanding and reduced the impacts of harmful algal blooms on humans and the environment.

Jennifer Anderson
E. Martin Jaffe
Paul Jones
Gene Martin, Jr., OGC
Susan Murphy
In recognition of the successful management of contentious issues related to the Atlantic Deep Sea Red Crab fishery.

Teresa Rowles
Katherine Wang
Barbara Zoodsma
For producing substantial, innovative achievements to the right whale recovery program and to all other NOAA Fisheries aerial survey activities.

Rodney Towell
Katherine Call
Brian Fadely
Rolf Ream
Bruce Robson
James Thomason
For enhancing the understanding of endangered Steller sea lions through the innovative use of underwater capture techniques in the hazardous waters of Alaska.

Margaret Krahn
Robyn Angliss
Marilyn Dahlheim
M. Bradley Hanson
Steven Kalinowski
John Stein
Barbara Taylor
Paul Wade
Robert Waples, Jr.
Gina Ylitalo
For completing the first comprehensive status review of the Southern Resident killer whale population under the Endangered Species Act.

Jon Brodziak
Christopher Legault
Ralph Mayo
Paul Rago
Colleen Close
Steven Cadrin
Steven Murawski
For scientific advances in restoring New England groundfish stocks via population dynamics research and management advisory services.

William Bradley
Garry Frizzell
Roland Tanner
Joan Palmer
Susan Molina
John Reed
Gerald Hornof
Robert Bistodeau
Marianne Tomita
Alicia Matter
William Fleek
Gary Shaw
For significantly improving federal communications and information technology through the development and implementation of the NOAA Fisheries Virtual Private Network.

Frank Almeida
John Boreman, Jr.
Russels Brown
Charles Byrne
Michael Fogarty
Teri Frady
Wendy Gabriel
John Galbraith
Henry Milliken
Fredric Serchuk
For developing a problem-solving methodology that stands as a model for working cooperatively to resolve issues that jeopardize sound fishery management.

J. Paul McElhany
Mary Ruckelshaus
Robert Waples, Jr.
James Myers
Norma Sands
Elizabeth Steel
Jeremy Davies
Mindi Sheer
For developing an innovative, state-of-the-art, technical foundation for effective conservation and recovery of Pacific salmon in four western states.

M. Elizabeth Clarke
Jonathan Cusick
John Lafargue
Janell Majewski
Kristen Moynihan
For creating, in record time, the first comprehensive West Coast groundfish observer program, a critical program for sound ecosystem management.

Norman Bartoo
Svein Fougner
Samuel Herrick, Jr.
David Au
Dale Squires
Susan Smith
Donna Dealy
Randall Rasmussen
James Morgan
For creating a proactive, inclusive, stakeholder-focused process resulting in a Pacific Coast Highly Migratory Species fishery management plan.

Northwest and Southwest Fisheries Science Centers
For expeditiously reassessing the status of all twenty-six West Coast salmon and steelhead populations listed under the Endangered Species Act.

NOAA Finance and Administration
Martha R. Cuppy
Beverly G. Revels
Donita S. McCullough
Jacquelyn A. Shewmaker
Marcia F. Nolan
For the administration of an Employee Assistance Program which serves nearly 13,500 Commerce employees and reduces lost time from work, improves productivity and provides treatment programs.

Mountain Administrative Support Center
For providing outstanding and timely administrative support to Department of Commerce bureaus in sixteen states and Puerto Rico.

Commerce Administrative Management System
For implementing the Commerce Administrative Management (CAMS) Core Financial System NOAA-wide.

SFA Facilitator Cadre
For contributions in successfully facilitating close to 1,000 work group meetings as part of NOAA’s second Survey Feedback Action process.

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