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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

2002 Bronze Medal Recipients

David Cormany, NMFS

For leadership in minimizing the complexities of intergovernmental and tribal authorities for successful management of the northern fur seal population.

John Halas, NOS

For personal and professional excellence in helping the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary protect America's only living barrier coral reef ecosystem.

Nicolle Hill, NMFS

For developing procedures that significantly accelerate and improve the processing of Freedom of Information Act requests by the Department of Commerce.

Andrea Hrusovsky, NOS

For extraordinary performance in an aviation emergency to prevent the loss of life and equipment.

Lawrence James, NESDIS

In recognition of exemplary vision, effectiveness, and extraordinary success in creating a Master Facilities Plan for the NOAA Fairbanks CDA Station.

Roger Johnson, NOS

For professional excellence in developing a geographic information systems application leading to streamlined cartographic data processing.

Stanton Lum, OFA

For outstanding achievement in the establishment and continuous improvement of NOAA = s Human Resources information technology and website --

Michael Mohr, NMFS

For theoretical and methodological contributions which significantly advance the scientific basis for management of Pacific Coast salmon resources.

David Rackley, NMFS

For exemplifying professionalism in managing NOAA's responsibilities related to the Oregon Inlet Stabilization Project in North Carolina.

David Reid, OAR

For leadership in organizing and building a major science program focusing on the introduction of nonindigenous species into the Great Lakes.

Rogelio Reyes, NOS

For professional excellence in maintaining the United States Coast Pilot.

Andrew Robertson, NOS

For leadership in the design, development, and conduct of NOAA's National Status and Trends Coastal Monitoring and Assessment Program.

Rita Rosson, OAR

For two decades of outstanding editorial and publishing services to NOAA's Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory.

Michael Van Woert, NESDIS

For scientific achievement in building the science program at the National Ice Center and improving algorithms for their operational sea ice analysis.

Angelo Wade, NESDIS

For leadership in ensuring the highest integrity of environmental data from NOAA's Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite system.

Sarah Bibb, NMFS

Lauren Smoker, OGC

For exemplary administration of the Western Alaska Community Development Quota Program and promotion of sustainable fisheries and commerce.

Edward Carlson, NOS

Mengchang Chin, NOS

Shepherd Cofer, NOS

Cindra Craig, NOS

David Doyle, NOS

Mark Eckl, NOS

Cynthia Fowler, NOS

Erik Hund, NOS

Darcee Killpack, NOS

Jason Woolard, NOS

For modernizing the spatial reference frame of Western Pacific U.S. Territorial Islands.

Donald Haines, OMAO

Maurice Hickson, NOS

Gretchen Imahori, NOS

Michael Riddle, NOS

David Sinson, NOS

Stephen Verry, NOS

For leadership and customer service in directing the nation's hydrographic surveying operations.

Kristie Balovich, NMFS

Karen L. Brock, NMFS

Thomas Fletcher, NMFS

For implementing the Individual Fishing Quota Cost Recovery Program using innovative web-enabled submission forms and credit card payment options.

Peter Burns, NMFS

Harold Mears, NMFS

Thomas Meyer, NMFS

Robert Ross, Jr., NMFS

For creating a collaborative regime among Federal and state authorities, with industry and stakeholder consultation, to manage lobster stocks.

John Terrill, NMFS

Daniel Morris, NMFS

For development and implementation of the fishing capacity reduction program for the Northeast multispecies fishery.

Nicholas Anderson, NMFS

Kenneth Beal, NMFS

David Gouveia, NMFS

Paul Jones, NMFS

Debra Ketchopulos, OGC

Marguerite Matera, OGC

Bradley McHale, NMFS

Mark Murray Brown, NMFS

Laurie Panunzio, NMFS

Richard Pearson, NMFS

Kathi Rodrigues, NMFS

Roland Tanner, NMFS

In recognition of the NMFS/NERO Diversity team efforts to build a program to increase the diversity of minorities in the workplace.

David Elliott, NOS

Mark McMann, NOS

Robert Ramsey, NOS

For customer service in completion of quick response surveys during September 2001 in Gulf of Mexico port areas.

Leslie Schaeffer, NMFS

Steven Stone, NMFS

For improving customer service to the scientific community by designing an innovative web-based application that streamlines salmon research permits.

Maureen Ballard, NWS

Dennis Cain, NWS

Michael Gerber, NWS

Michael Hudson, NWS

Ronald Jones, NWS

Mark Mutchler, NWS

Matthew Strahan, NWS

David Zaff, NWS

For designing and implementing a Corporate Web Image which significantly improved access to National Weather Service information on the World Wide Web.

David Bernhart, NMFS

Prescott Brownell, NMFS

Jennifer Lee, NMFS

For significant contributions to the recovery of the endangered shortnose sturgeon in the southeastern United States.

Barry Gallagher, NOS

Jack Riley, NOS

For developing software that greatly reduces data processing time and simplifies the correlation of disparate hydrographic data collected by Office of Coast Survey.

Eric Kasahara, OFA

Gregory Price, OFA

Sherie Buretta, OFA

Gary Jelinek, OFA

Louie Swalby, OFA

Erh-Yen To, OFA

Ron Kreigsman, OFA

Richard Davies, OFA

For increasing efficiency, amplifying productivity, and saving an estimated $859,000.00 in developing information technology systems

WFO Sterling, Virginia

For timely and accurate forecasts and warnings for the September 24, 2001 tornado that allowed officials and citizens to take actions that saved lives.

WFO Phoenix, Arizona

For developing a partnership with the private sector to collect critical data that improves weather forecasts and results in wide-ranging economic benefits.

WFO Lake Charles, Louisiana

For providing public and emergency management awareness of flood dangers prior to and during heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Allison in June 2001.

WFO Memphis, Tennessee

WFO Birmingham, AlabamaWFO Jackson, Mississippi

For providing superior warning services during an unprecedented tornado outbreak on November 24, 2001.

Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center

For providing critical forecasts to the citizens of Louisiana during the flooding of June 6-11, 2001, from Tropical Storm Allison.

WFO Austin/San Antonio, Texas

For providing superior services during devastating flooding and an outbreak of tornadoes on November 15, 2001.

Northwest River Forecast Center - Portland, Oregon

For implementation of the National Weather Service River Forecast System across the Pacific Northwest Columbia River Basin.

Significant River Flood Outlook Team

For implementation of a new, user-requested, national significant river flood outlook.

WFO Salt Lake City, Utah

For efforts supporting a first-time partnership between the NWS, private sector, and academia for weather forecasting services during the 2002 Olympics.

Automated Surface Observing System Operations Monitoring Center Team

For outstanding contributions to the testing, monitoring, and commissioning of 882 NWS and FAA Automated Surface Observing Systems.

WFO Duluth, Minnesota

For providing excellent warning services on June 18, 2001, during the Burnett/Washburn County, Wisconsin tornado.

WFO Norman, Oklahoma

WFO Pleasant Hill, Missouri

For accurately forecasting the ice storm of January 2002 and subsequent reporting that enabled officials and citizens to take necessary precautions.

WFO Buffalo, New York

For forecasting a record, lake-effect snow storm in December 2001 and for providing services that enabled customers to take life-saving precautions.

Mark DeMaria, NESDIS

Debra Molenar, NESDIS

Janice Sessing, NESDIS

Kirk Liang, NESDIS

Michael W. Knowles, OFA

For successful implementation of a critical satellite receiving station in Central America as part of the Hurricane Mitch Reconstruction Project.

Nicholas E. Perugini, NOS

Leonard J. Arkenau, NOS

Daniel M. Black, NOS

Hollis A. Church, NOS

Marc Higgins, NOS

Sean Matthew D. Legeer, NOS

Jimmy Nerantzis, NOS

For developing and implementing a radical improvement in navigation information provided to the public.

Barbara Mahoney, NMFS

Bradley Smith, NMFS

Thomas Eagle, NMFS

Robert C. Babson, OGC

Thomas J. Meyer, OGC

David Rugh, NMFS

Kim Shelden, NMFS

Roderick Hobbs, NMFS

Douglas DeMaster, NMFS

P. Michael Payne, NMFS

For the conservation and recovery of Cook Inlet beluga whales and the maintenance of a sustainable Alaska Native subsistence harvest in accordance with Executive Order 13175.

Mary Hoagland, OFA

Dee Nelson, OFA

For developing, marketing, implementing significant improvements, and saving an estimated $1.9 million while amplifying personnel productivity.

Paul Rago, NMFS

For innovative research involving the use of commercial fishing vessels and fishermen's knowledge in the development of joint data collection programs.

Martin Loefflad, NMFS

Michael Brown, NMFS

Alison Vijgen, NMFS

Glenn Campbell, NMFS

Robert Hewitt, NMFS

Heather Kenney, NMFS

William Karp, NMFS

For scientific and technical achievement in advancing fisheries management in Alaska by implementing an electronic observer data reporting system.

Peter D. Jiron, NWS

For outstanding financial management of the $50 million National Weather Service program to support the Compact of Free Association Treaty.

Thomas D. Bethem, NWS

Thomas N. Mero, NWS

Kathryn J. Bosley, NWS

James J. Sprenke, NWS

James C. Dixon, NWS

Geoff W. French, NWS

Michael J. Evans, NWS

Michael J. Connolly, Jr., NWS

For scientific and engineering achievement by establishing and building the Physical Oceanographic RealTime System Program over the past decade.

Thomas R. Carroll, NWS

Barry Choy, OMAO

Gregory Glover, OMAO

Eric Berkowitz, OMAO

David Tennesen, OMAO

For acquisition of critical airborne-derived hydrologic data essential for snow melt flood warnings and water supply forecasts for our nation.

WFO State College, Pennsylvania

For customer service to the emergency management community following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Sallie M. Ahlert

Gregory L. Dalyai

Jeffery S. Engel

Christopher J. Hunt

Paul D. Krenek

Charles L. Maples

John R. Reed

Robert E. Saffle

James G. Schofield

Michael H. Jain, OAR

For designing, developing, testing and deploying the NEXRAD Open Radar Product Generator.

Lucia S. Tsaoussi, OAR

For leadership in the development of the Climate Change Research Initiative.

Mary Colligan, NMFS

John Kenney, Jr., NMFS

Teresa Rowles, NMFS

Janet Whaley, NMFS

Teri Frady, NMFS

Patricia Gerrior, NMFS

Dana Hartley, NMFS

For personal and professional efforts to conserve Right Whales through unprecedented advances in veterinary medicine and conservation biology.

WFO Billings, Montana

For providing life-saving warnings and enhanced public service during the prolonged, severe weather episode of the Summer of 2001.

Brian J. Eadie, OAR

For ground-breaking research on the movement of contaminants through aquatic ecosystems and for extraordinary leadership in multi-disciplinary programs.

Charles Bryant, NESDIS

Barbara Boyd, NESDIS

Michael Simpson, NESDIS

William Carter, NESDIS

Lester Shipley, Jr., NESDIS

Michael Settles, NESDIS

Kevin Ludlum, NESDIS

Janis Smyly, NESDIS

James Ballou, NESDIS

Gary McBrien, NESDIS

For team leadership and technical excellence in all phases of the SOCC relocation effort without any loss of critical, national environmental data.

Robert J. Henderson, OFA

For daily excellence in management, leadership, and visionary strategic planning resulting in increased efficiency, productivity, and customer support.

Joel Nathan, NWS

David M. Glotfelty, NWS

Alan W. Jarvi, NWS

Harvey A. Iwamoto

Christopher A. Liscinsky, NWS

John M. Coyne, NWS

Mark A. Rose, NWS

Kevin W. Brown, NWS

Timothy W. Troutman, NWS

For implementing improved software to increase the lead time for life-saving weather information disseminated to the public via the NOAA Weather Radio.

Patricia A. Fair, NOS

For pivotal and exemplary scientific leadership in the development, design, and construction of the new $24 million Hollings Marine Laboratory.

Stephen Doty, NESDIS

Linda Statler, NESDIS

Joe Elms, NESDIS

Jeffrey Arnfield, NESDIS

John Davis, NESDIS

Stephen Delgreco, NESDIS

For leadership and expertise in making historical climate databases accessible via the Internet under the Climate Database Modernization Program.

James C. Dixon, NOS

For customer service in support of United States port security requirements that followed the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Richard Barth, NESDIS

For vigilance and accomplishments as the Department of Commerce's vanguard in the protection of its radio spectrum.

David Johnson, NOS

Susan Banahan, NOS

Marc E. Suddleson, NOS

For scientific leadership pivotal to the development of the National Harmful Algal Bloom Program.

Stanley Rice, NMFS

Jeffrey Short, NMFS

For scientific research and publications describing the long-term, insidious effects of oil pollution on fish embryos at parts per billion levels.

Delain A. Edman, NWS

Kevin J. Schrab, NWS

Larry D. Dunn, NWS

Jeffrey P. Walker, NWS

Jason E. Burks, NWS

Randall L. Weatherly, NWS

Marilu A. Trainor, OFA

Timothy W. Barker, NWS

Joel W. Cline, NWS

James L. Campbell, NWS

Thomas A. Niziol, NWS

Randall A. Graham, NWS

For extraordinary efforts supporting a first-time partnership between NWS, the private sector, and the University of Utah in providing accurate weather forecasts for the 2002 Winter Games.

William Pichel, NESDIS

For leadership in developing ocean requirements for the Integrated Operational Requirements Document and the Ocean Observer User Requirements Document.

NOAA FOCI Program (Joint Organizational B OAR and NMFS)

For scientific achievements that have advanced fisheries oceanography and marine ecology and have contributed to building sustainable fisheries in the North Pacific.

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