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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

2001 Bronze Medal Recipients

Office of the Chief Information Officer

William Turnbull, HPCC
Russell Richards, OAR
Kevin Kelleher, OAR
Jerry Janssen, OAR
Bruce Webster, NWS
For developing and implementing the NOAA Advanced Research network, providing a foundation for improved collaboration among universities and NOAA

Richard Beeler, OAR
William Bradley, NMFS
Donald Holtzer, OFA
Robert Kidwell, OFA
Charles Mac Farland, NESDIS
Thomas Murphy, OFA
Joseph Smith, III, OFA
Fred Walton, OFA
Linda Weaver. NWS
Mary Foran, OMAO
For developing and implementing the NOAA Enterprise Messaging System, resulting in a major consolidation of NOAA email system.

NOAA Office of Budget
For creating positive impacts that strengthened the clarity and understanding of the NOAA Budget and increased customer and stakeholder satisfaction

Office of General Counsel
Jane S. Hannuksela
Kathryn Jeanne Conant, NMFS
Brett Richard Joseph
For developing the Mandatory Conditions Review Process Policy, increasing the efficiency of hydropower licensing process and effectiveness of fishway conditions.

Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
Central Administrative Support Center Financial Management Division
Central Administrative Support Center Human Resources Division
Central Administrative Support Center Acquisition Management Division
For customer service in financial management, human resources and acquisitions enabling the Aircraft Operations Center to strengthen its financial position, dramatically improve long standing morale issues, and resolve unusual and emergency acquisition actions.

NOAA Diving Program
National Undersea Research Program
For writing, editing and publishing the 4th edition of the NOAA Diving Manual; a comprehensive resource for all divers and all diving operations.

National Marine Fisheries Service

Trevor Spradlin
For leadership and professional excellence in developing a nation-wide public education campaign and policy to protect marine mammals from harassment.

Franklin B. Schwing
For innovative research incorporating environmental variability into the field of fisheries science and development of important new climate indices.

Susan-Marie Stedman
For personal and professional excellence in developing fair and ecologically sound guidance for a new method of habitat management.

Miles M. Croom
For early recovery actions accomplished as a result of the partnership between NMFS and California's coastal counties.

John C. Bortniak
For developing and implementing a strategic planning information system that contributes significantly to effective budgeting in NMFS.

David C. Hamm
For his efforts as manager of the Honolulu Laboratory's Western Pacific Fishery Information Network.

Linda I. Despres
John K. Galbraith
David Hiltz
William P. Kramer
Holly M. McBride
Nancy J. McHugh
Victor A. Nordahl
Douglas A. Perry
For developing, testing and implementing a new automated data acquisition system for NMFS fishery research vessels.

JoAnna Grable
Kevin Ford
Peter Jones
Barbara Fosburg
Susan Olsen
Cynthia Pierce
Ellie Roche
James Morgan
For vast improvements in national oversight and coordination of NMFS grants management program.

Scott McEntire
Kenneth Weinberg
For development of the bottom contact sensor for use on survey trawls and its application to scientific research on fishing gear performance.

National Ocean Service

Margo E. Jackson
Peter M. Maxey
Ila R. Best
Anthony Furnia - OFA
Russell W. Craig - DOC/GC
Susan Burnett - DOC/GC
Martin M. Freeman
Thomas J. McCaughey - DOC/OIG
For recovering $1.4 million in past due payments from a Coastal Energy Impact Program loan to the City of St. Paul, AK and restructuring the loan.

Richard A. Schmalz
For scientific and technical achievement in developing and implementing an experimental oceanographic nowcast/forecast model system for Galveston Bay.

For leadership, professional excellence, technical achievement and customer service promoting safe navigational and environmental stewardship.

Fannie Powers
Edwin L. Martin
Gregory B. Norris
David L. Poltilove
Lynn Preston
Ralph B. Ross
Joseph W. Sherman
Paul L. Spence
Joseph C. Whitney
Gerald F. Koehl
For personal and professional excellence and distinguished contributions to NOAA's nautical charting program that led to safe, efficient navigation.

National Ocean Service
Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
For leadership of the OpSail 2000 and International Naval Review events.

Douglas Helton
Linda Burlington
For improving NOAA's relationship with the international shipping community in a landmark cooperative oil spill agreement.

William Lehr
Mary Evans
Robert Jones
Jeffrey Lankford
Debra Simecek Beatty
David Wesley
For creating an oil spill weathering model that provides for efficient and environmentally protective oil spill response action.

Peter Gibson
For dramatic improvements in the organization and management of NOAA's nautical charting program.

David Enabnit
Leonard Arkenau
Daniel Black
Hollis Church
Kirby Gean, II
Alexandra Heliotis
Marc Higgins
Stephen Hill
Barbara Loretz
Jason Shadid
For developing and implementing the revolutionary weekly Update Service for NOAA raster nautical charts.

Vernon Leeworthy
Peter Wiley
For leadership and innovation in developing the Coastal and Ocean Resource Economics (CORE) Program.

National Ocean Service
National Marine Fisheries Service
NOAA Headquarters
For vision, leadership, and innovation in establishing a national initiative on marine protected areas.

National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

Lawrence Flynn
For essential scientific contributions to the procurement, operation, and utilization of NOAA's polar-orbiting satellite ozone-sensing instruments.

Pamela Hughes
For leadership in developing and implementing a cost effective, flexible Support Services Contract for the National Climatic Data Center.

Alan Basist
Thomas Peterson
Claude Williams
Norman Grody
For innovative research which led to the production of a unique blended (satellite and ground based) global surface temperature data set.

Michael Ford
Edward Herbrechtsmeier
Steven Rutz
Robert VanWie
George Sinclair
For development of an innovative data archiving system providing users with automated entry and tracking of data in NODC archives.

Wendy Gross
For developing a new software tool, WebMapper, that revolutionizes the ability of our users to browse, access and visualize NOAA data on past climates.

Eric Ogata
For engineering accomplishments in digital safeguard technologies, cryptographic tools and auto-recovery system development.

David Easterling
For providing quality contributions to the U.S. National Assessment: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change on the United States.

Richard Borneman
Sheldon Kusselson
Charles Kadin
Thomas Baldwin
John Simko
John Paquette
Roderick Scofield
For personal and professional excellence resulting in successful operational implementation of the Automated Satellite-Derived Rainfall Estimator.

Richard Reynolds
For professional excellence and vision in planning and providing the ground segment of the Nation's operational environmental satellites.

Arnold Gruber
For leadership of the international Global Precipitation Climatology Project which uses satellite data for global precipitation estimates.

Marc Plantico
Lynn A. Goss
For the conception, design, development and production of the innovative U.S. Climate Atlas.

Michael Chalfant
Anthony Reale
Michael Fitzmaurice, Jr.
Dong Han
Steven Schaffer
For rescuing and extending the useful life of NOAA's polar orbiting satellites through unparalleled scientific and engineering achievement.

Charles Woodridge
Timothy Stryker
Michael Beckman
Douglas Brauer
Rick Shimon, OGC
Glenn Tallia, OGC
Karen Dacres, OGC
For strengthening the economic and technological competitiveness of the U.S. commercial remote sensing satellite industry.

August Shumbera, Jr.
Stephen Delgreco
Charles Towels
Alan Hall
For modernizing the National Climatic Data Center's ingest and archive system for the National Weather Service's Next Generation Radar Data.

Tsan Mo
Mitchell Goldberg
David Crosby
Joseph Green, OFA
For developing and applying an improved calibration of the Microwave Sounding Unit to monitor temperature trends in the Earth's atmosphere.

Janet Ward, HPCC
Albert Theberge, Jr.
Carla Wallace
For innovative leadership and technical contributions in creating a national model digital image library.

Wolfgang Menzel
For scientific leadership, both nationally and internationally, in the area of operational space-based remote sensing.

Richard Barazotto, NOS
For his leadership in establishing the National Coastal Data Development Center at the Stennis Space Center for improved coastal constituency services.

National Weather Service

Mary C. Erickson
Rebecca L. Allen
Mark A. Shirey
Kevin L. Carroll
Kathryn K. Hughes
For leadership in implementing modernized systems providing objective weather guidance to National Weather Service forecasters.

Anton F. Kapela
For spearheading revision, renewal, and innovation in local, regional, and national weather preparedness programs.

Eric J. Holweg
For researching and authoring the Mariner's Guide for Hurricane Awareness in the North Atlantic Basin.

David A. Zaff
For developing innovative new web page capabilities, improving NWS public web services, and for leadership in guiding Western Region webmaster activities and national teams.

John Quinlan
For dedication in verifying the accuracy of the WSR-88D snow accumulation algorithm, therefore improving winter weather predictions.

Todd Heitkamp
For long-term effort and dedication in fostering disaster preparedness, public awareness to life-threatening weather events, and creation of public/private outreach activities geared toward public safety.

Peter Manousos
For educating forecasters in the use and interpretation of NOAA/NWS weather prediction models thus improving forecasts to the public.

Salim Leyva
Vivian Jorge
Frank C. Lepore
Edward N. Rappaport
David B. Caldwell
For designing and implementing a cutting-edge presentation facility at the Tropical Prediction Center.

Charles Lyon
Houston Kendrick
Mark Tomah
For mission critical contributions as a national maintenance test site for radar, upper air, and Automated Surface Observing Systems.

Peter L. Wolf
Richard H. Grumm
Stephen J. Flood
Dan A. Baumgardt
Michael L. Schichtel
For personal initiative, selfless dedication and professional excellence in developing and conducting distance training of field forecasters in the areas of medium range, severe thunderstorm, and winter weather forecasting.

Thomas W. Econopouly
Timothy D. Buckelew
Mark R. Love
Michael F. Winchell
Robert C. Shedd
Ronald C. Martin
Edward J. Capone
For using scientific ingenuity to develop water level forecasts for Lake Champlain.

National Weather Service Forecast Office, Eureka, CA
For initiative to seek marine customer input, the development of new forecast elements, and the continuous verification to access accuracy.

National Weather Service Forecast Office, Melbourne, FL
For providing vital technical support and outstanding customer service to weather forecast operations in support of the nation's space program.

National Weather Service Forecast Ofice, North Platte, NE
For provision of severe weather forecasting service to the residents of western and north-central.

Nebraska National Weather Service Forecast Office, Lubbock, TX
For accurate and timely forecast and warning service to the South Plains of West Texas during the winter of 2000-2001.

National Weather Service Forecast Office, Miami, FL
For a pioneering rip current forecast program which has resulted in a decrease in loss of life attributed to rip currents on Southeast Florida beaches.

Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
For contributions that improve forecasts to the American people while under strict time constraints and with no additional resources.

Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Process Assessment Team
Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Implementation Team
For streamlining and enhancing the Quantitative Precipitation Forecast process.

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

Monica MP Matthews, OFA
Julie Scanlon
Mary Anne Whitcomb
Kristin Kniskern, NESDIS
For establishing, implementing, and managing the Leadership Competencies Development Program.

Bradley D. Hall
For developing standards that are used by national and international organizations for the measurement of environmentally important trace gases.

Jorgeann Hiebert
For contributions to educational outreach activities within the NOAA Research Environmental Technology Laboratory.

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