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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

2000 Bronze Medal Recipients

Office of the Under Secretary
Rolland Schmitten
Michael Tillman
Robert Brownell, Jr.
Margaret Hayes
Nancy Daves
Scott Smullen
Cathy Campbell

For leading international efforts to conserve whale stocks by preventing the resumption of international trade in whale products.

Susan Fruchter

For efforts in developing and leading the NOAA Strategic Planning process and the planning and producing the first NOAA Business Report.

Barbara Semedo

For commitment and dedication to increasing public awareness on important scientific information produced by the agency.

Sandra A. O’Brien
Penney D. Baile
Denise Keefer
Jerry Slaff
Charlotte F. Melton
Kristin M. Kniskern
Noel Monte
Jamie S. Umbach
Natalie Huff
Jeanette McDonald
Julie Scanlon
Mary O’Connell
Jeannette Moore

For efforts in the successful planning and execution of the 1999 NOAA Honor Awards Ceremony.

Office of Marine & Aviation Operations
Jose C. Gomez

For personal and professional excellence in support of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center’s Stenella Abundance Research Project

Chris R. Flint

For personal and professional excellence in support of the NOAA Ship DAVID STARR JORDAN.

Warren Taguchi

For leadership while improving critical marine services required for acquisition of oceanic and atmospheric data by the NOAA Fleet.

National Environmental Satellite, Data, & Information Service
Linda Moodie

For creative leadership in securing adoption of U.S. developed Climate Monitoring Principles by the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Eric Stengel
Philip Hovey
Edwin Fisher
Edward King
Marilyn Yuen
Kathleen LeFevre

For development of the Marine Optical Buoy (MOBY) system, the world’s recognized standard for calibrating ocean color satellites.

Michael Changery
Catherine Godfrey
William Brown
Richard Heim
Thomas Ross
Jay Lawrimore
Roger Winchell
Matthew Menne

For providing current climate monitoring data/products for climate-related decisions by the Office of the President and Department of Commerce.

Michael J. Crison
David Furlong
Reginald Lawrence
Peter Wilczynski

For leadership in restructuring the NPOESS acquisition plan and formulating demonstration flights to significantly reduce development risk.

Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Center

For collaborative efforts resulting in world class customer service in the area of volcanic ash hazards to aviation.

David Hastings
Paula Dunbar

For leadership, pioneering development, and provision of the Global Land One-kilometer Base Elevation digital topographic database.

Robert Mairs
Peter Topoly
Alexander Kidd

For recognition of leadership, pioneering design, development, implementation and enhancement efforts in creating the Satellite Active Archive.

Office of Oceanic & Atmospheric Research
Jeffrey S. Whitaker

For providing continuity of service in the aftermath of the National Weather Service supercomputer fire.

Sandra Jean Craig

For contributions to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s scientific/research programs through exceptional administration of financial transactions.

Timothy Crawford
Gennaro Crescenti
Jeffrey French

For design and application of a novel airborne instrument system to advance scientific knowledge of air-sea exchange.

John Augustine

For contributions in the field of Climate and Weather Forecasting Observing Systems.

National Ocean Service
Ellen L. Brody

For recognition of outstanding work that led to the designation of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve.

Gary C. Guenther

For the development, design, and improvement of the airborne laser hydrographic survey system.

John D. Broadwater
Dina B. Hill

For exemplary leadership in developing and implementing the USS MONITOR stabilization and recovery effort.

LCDR Matthew H. Pickett
Heather A. Parker-Hall
Lisa C. Symons

For superior public service in directing the NOAA response to the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, January 2000.

Kevin G. Flanagan
Peter J. Stone
Carl L. Kammerer
LT Shepard M. Smith
Jack L. Riley
Monica M. Cisternelli
Castle E. Parker

For superior public service in directing the NOAA response to the crash of Egypt Air Flight 990, November 1999.

Robert J. Wilson

For the creation, development and maintenance of the Raster Nautical Chart Server.

Leslie A. McDonald

For support in furthering NOAA’s scientific research programs through the development and implementation of a grants administrative program.

LT Richard R. Wingrove

For superior public service during the National Ocean Service response to Hurricane Dennis and Hurricane Floyd, 1999.

Michael J. Dowgiallo

For professional excellence demonstrated by his development of an interagency research policy on coral reef issues.

National Geodetic Survey
For achievements in aeronautical charting, image processing, and GPS surveying to develop the Synthetic Vision System for aircraft safety.

Frank Aikman III
Thomas F. Gross
John G. W. Kelley
Jeffery T. McQueen
Laurence C. Breaker

For advancing the production and delivery of nowcasts and short-term forecasts of coastal atmospheric and oceanographic information for the Chesapeake.

David B. Zilkoski
Edward E. Carlson

For design, development, and implementation of Global Positioning System application techniques to determine high-accuracy vertical values.

Douglas B. Graham
Brian M. Baldwin
Lloyd W. Harrod
CDR Jonathan W. Bailey
CDR Grady H. Tuell
Susan S. Vidal

For scientific/engineering achievements that combine image processing and geographic information technology to advance shoreline mapping efficiency.

Ford A Cross

For leadership in developing nationally significant innovative approaches to coastal resource research and management.

Hanna B. Goss

For providing an effective forum for the coastal resource managers of the nation to share innovative ways to address coastal resource issues.

Carol Ann Manen
Frank Csulak
Norman Meade
John Catena
Marguerite Matera

For exceptional leadership during the North Cape oil spill damage assessment that secured funding for restoring coastal habitats.

National Weather Service
Daniel B. Frashier

For excellence in the administration of the NEXRAD Hotline's critical support systems which ensures world class technical support.

Bernard L. Morningstar

For successfully developing and implementing a state of technology Barometric Pressure Standard Laboratory.

Valery J. Dagostaro

For significant and sustained contributions to the National Verification Program of the National Weather Service.

Dale D. Branch

For outstanding performance in the development of the collaborative convective forecast product.

Todd D. Krause

For extraordinary partnership with the Minnesota State Legislature and the Department of Emergency Management for the expansion of NOAA Weather Radio in
Minnesota, May 2000.

Steven J. Runnels

For outstanding performance during the 25 February 2000 Severe Weather Event in providing a tornado warning with significant life-saving lead time.

David L. Andra

For major contributions advancing the integration of AWIPS into short term forecast and warning operations at National Weather Service Forecast Office.

Gene M. Hafele

For providing weather warning coordination program services for the citizens of Southeast Texas.

Curtis Barrett
Michael B. Smith
Victor Koren
Janice L. Sylvestre
Geoffrey M. Bonnin
Gerald D. Bell
Vernon E. Kousky
John E. Janowiak
James L. Buizer
Jane D’Aguanno

For flood modeling, rainfall forecasting and satellite data support as part of a multi federal agency operation supporting international relief efforts during the
disastrous floods in Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe in March/April 2000.

Michael S. Moss
Wayne E. Martin
Kenneth P. Hager
Michael L. Graf

For contributions to the success of the deployment and early operational phases of the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System.

Andrea Bair
Michelle M. Schmidt

For developing a comprehensive hydrological program text and reference guide for WFO hydrologic program managers.

Mary L. desJardins
Scott Jacobs
Duane Kidwell
David Plummer
Fee Jing Yen
Steve Schotz

For the development, distribution, and maintenance of robust interactive product generation software, which has allowed NCEP to meet and expand mission
requirements while not increasing staff resources.

WFO Sterling, VA
WFO Mt. Holly, NJ
Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center
WFO Upton, NY

For issuance of timely and accurate products and services that saved countless lives from the disastrous impacts of Hurricane Floyd

WFO Midland, TX

For providing life saving weather warnings and other services during an outbreak of tornadoes, large hail and killer flash flooding on March 22, 2000.

WFO Shreveport, LA

For the quality of the tornado warnings issued during four tornado outbreaks during the late winter and early spring of 1999, and the spring of 2000.

Missouri Basin River Forecast Center - Pleasant Hill, MO

For contributions to the commissioning of the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing by conducting a prototype evaluation for all 13 National Weather Service
River Forecast Centers.

WFO Aberdeen, SD

For exemplary outreach activities which significantly improved the safety of citizens throughout South Dakota and West Central Minnesota.
Marine Prediction Center

For exceptional public service in providing extremely accurate oceanographic and atmospheric forecasts in support of the NOAA response to crash of EgyptAir
Flight 990.

Aviation Weather Center, NCEP

For improved customer service and promoted economic efficiency by establishing a Collaborative Convective Forecast Product.

Raymond Higgins

For pioneering research linking extreme weather events, climate variability, and long term trends to substantially improve NOAA and NWS services.

Masao Kanamitsu
Douglas Lecomte
David Miskus
Jae Kyung Schemm
Richard Tinker
Hugo Van den Dool

For significant improvements in coordination of the interagency U.S. Drought Monitor and issuance of the first Seasonal Drought Outlook.

Kenneth Mitchell
Jerald Tarpley, Jr.

For improving National Weather Service numerical forecasts of max/min temperatures with geostationary satellite imagery and sophisticated computer models
incorporating land surface physics.

Gerald Bell
Muthuvel Chelliah
Wen Yan Chen
King Tse Mo
Richard Pasch
Lixion Avila
Christopher Landsea
Stanley Goldenberg

For issuing the accurate and first official physically based Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Outlooks for the 1998/1999 seasons, based upon new research.

Stuart Williams
Mary Glackin

For successful Acquisition & Deployment of 152 Advanced Weather Interactive Processing Systems (AWIPS).

Billy Olsen
William Lawrence
James Paul

For the design, development, integration, testing, deployment & support of suite of operational river forecasting & flood warning software.

Maxine Brown
Luis Cano
Brent Gordon
Hocheng Lin
David Michaud
Ricardo Romero

For performance, dedication, initiative, and innovation in sustaining critical National Weather Service numerical forecast systems during a period of uncontrolled

Scott Plischke

For the development of application programs and the sharing of programming knowledge which have led to the efficient preparation of modernized weather
forecasts and services.

Office of Finance & Administration
Eric Mandel
Steven W. Thornton
Miguel A. Rosario-Felix
Stephen C. Gillis
Eric A. Parr
Charles Kinsey
Michael E. Earhart
Charles L. Maples
Tracye L. Webb-Williams
Jesse James, Jr.

For successful close-out of the NEXRAD contract, the largest DOC acquisition in history. This close-out effort recovered more than 1.5 million pieces of
government property valued at more than $13.6 million.

Margaret E. Eckard
John R. Phillips
Barbara Z. MacNeill

For the successful development of new policy and effective implemention of new procedures to reconcile Construction Work in Progress costs for NOAA Systems
and Satellites in support of the NOAA audit.

Jane L. Watterson

For outstanding and exemplary library reference services provided to Department of Commerce researchers and the general public.

Sherilyn S. Villegas

For outstanding efforts and innovative ideas in providing effective compliance training at a reduced cost to NOAA participants.

Kathleen R. Campbell
Kathleen M. Carlson
Kathleen L. Delphia
Gail J. Hamilton
Christine F. Hudson
Jamie H. Johnson
Sharon D. Turner

For outstanding contributions to the successful piloting of Commerce Opportunities on Line in NOAA.

National Marine Fisheries Service
Thomas F. Hourigan
Andrew W. Bruckner
James A. Bohnsack
CDR Russell Brainard

For leading NOAA fisheries participation in the work of the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force.

Lawrence J. Buckley

For creativity and innovation in using molecular techniques in fish physiology and the sequencing of the cod genome.

Maxwell B. Eldridge

For sustained efforts resulting in a state of the art facility providing rational management of California’s marine and anadromous fishery resources.

Hannah F. Goodale
Richard A. Pearson
Peter W. Christopher
Joel G. MacDonald
Julie Williams
Paul J. Rago
Katherine A. Sosebee
Scott Steinbeck
Jason Link

For the rapid development and implementation of the controversial Spiny Dogfish Fishery Management Plan.

Donald R. Reck
Alice A. Berg
Nanette M. Reck
Gregory J. Bryant
Charles R. Glasgow
Ian B. Gilroy
Leslie B. Wolff

For public service achievements that resolved complex issues to conserve salmon and steelhead.

Michael J. Ford
James P. McElhany
Mary H. Ruckelshaus
Thomas C. Wainwright
Eric P. Bjorkstedt

For scientific contributions to developing the concept of Viable Salmonid Populations, which is being used to guide coast-wide recovery planning.

William S. Rainey
Bryan D. Nordlund

For the development, installation and evaluation of gas abatement improvements of Columbia and Snake River Hydro Projects.

Larry G. Holland
Maire L. Larsen

For adapting pressurizing fluid extraction technology - improving our science, saving dollars, and reducing solvent use by 90%.

Doris B. Tucker
Tracey L. Thompson
Helen B. Troupos
Guy D. Bellamy
Grace J. Taylor

For support activities and processing Federal Register documents that allow National Marine Fisheries Service/NOAA to implement fisheries management

Karen M. Lecke-Mitchell

For effort and leadership in conducting a 2-year program to estimate the population of red drum in the Gulf of Mexico.

James Meehan
John Hotaling
John Everett
Bonnie Ponwith
Richard Brown
CDR Gary Bulmer
John Walter
Hannah Davis
Charles Byrne
Daniel Twohig

For engineering achievement and leadership in design and planning for a new fleet of state-of-the-art fisheries research vessels.

John Bengtson

For leading the international and U.S. Antarctic Pack Ice Seals (APIS) Programs, and serving as chief scientist of the APIS 2000 cruise in 1999/2000.

Timothy Ragen
Susan Salveson
Kent Lind
Richard Ferrero
Thomas Loughlin
Lowell Fritz
Colleen Coogan
Lewis Queirolo
Stephen Copps, Jr.
Craig Johnson
Marian McPherson
Roger Eckert
Jonathan Pollard
Shane Capron
Joseph McCabe

For promoting the conservation of Steller sea lions while meeting the requirements of the Endangered Species Act and Magnuson-Stevens Act.

Keith Kirkendall
Brett Joseph
Scott Carlon
Bryan Nordlund

For leadership, teamwork, and professional excellence in completing negotiations to restore unimpeded salmon runs in the White Salmon River basin.

George Balazs

For scientific contributions and leadership in the recovery of endangered sea turtles in Hawaii and around the world.

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