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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

1999 Bronze Medal Recipients

Office of the Under Secretary
Michael Crosby, Jeffrey Benoit, Jane Cappelle, Roger Griffis, Mark Monaco, Alan Strong, Matthew Stout, Allen Tom:
For leadership, scientific, and administrative/technical support towards the implementation of Departmental and Administration priorties and objectives related to the U.S. Coral Reef Initiative, the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force, and the President's Executive Order for Protection of Coral Reefs.

Office of General Counsel
Robert Babson:
For professional excellence demonstrated in his legal work on Village of Eyak, et al. v. Daley.

Martin Freeman:
For extraordinary leadership in connection with his legal work on the President's Lands Legacy Initiative and reauthorization of the Coastal Zone Management Act.

Margaret Hayes, Leila Afzal, Eileen Cooney, Judson Feder, Jane Hannuksela, Lisa Lindeman, Joel MacDonald, Mariam McCall, B. Michael McLemore, Constance Sathre:
For significant and continuing legal contributions in the interpretation and implementation of the Sustainable Fisheries Act.

Allison V. Areias, Roger Griffis, Sarah Laskin:
For their contributions to "Looking to the Sea: America's Ocean Future", a report on ocean policy to the President from his Cabinet.

Systems Acquisition Office
Steven A. Schaffer (NESDIS) and Wilfred E. Mazur, Jr., Andrew S. Carson, Michael W. Fitzmaurice, Jr., Daniel G. Flanagan, J. Philip Green, Paul Sunghwan Kim, Isadora Jean Knox, James L. O'Neal and James Thomas Parker: For management excellence resulting in the acquisition of the highly successful NOAA polar-orbiting satellite series.

Office of Finance and Administration
Donald D. Cooper:
For outstanding contributions to the permanent change of station process and the relocation processes for the WASC service community.

Linda Matthews Hood:
For commitment to NOAA's FTS 2000 Program, excellence in government, improved efficiencies and cost containment resulting in significant savings for NOAA.

Walter R. Stelzer:
For outstanding contribution to the design, coding and implementation of an automated relocation processing system.

Carolyn S. Straight and Daniel H. Graham:
For extraordinary leadership in the development of human resources cost and performance measures for the Administrative Support Centers.

Marcia F. Nolan, Frances L. Stephens, Cheryl P. Jordan, Toshiko I. Ohsiek, Tina M. Palmerin, Karen S. Roland, Suellen C. Stucker, Michelle Swinton and Sheryl E. Williams: For outstanding customer service supporting a nationwide NWS recruitment initiative.

Rebecca Vasvary:
For outstanding leadership in the information technology security community and improving NOAA's IT security management.

Nancy Briscoe, Lynette Ansell , Nir Barnea, Kirsten Erickson, Dana Greeley, Mark George, I. Sam Higuchi, Linda Jones, Angela Quinn, John Pierson, Jim Schell, Dan Strandy, Capt. Donald Suloff, Capt. Warren Taguchi, T. Minh Trinh and Dave Ulrich: For outstanding dedication and teamwork in exceeding the requirements of the Washington state compliance order.

Terry Vincent Babb, Penney D. Baile, Charles E. Beers, Mary J. Berklund, Branden S. Blum, Barbara Diane Brooks, Patricia A. Brown, Herbert C. Bruce, Jr., Linda Burroughs, Elizabeth D. Cano, James Anthony Cisco, III, Essie Coleman-Duffie, Howard P. Danley, Marjie Dee Dones, Michael F. Eng, James Patrick Faulkner, John Robert Hanson, Janice Hogan, Mark Christopher Holliday, Natalie B. Huff, Richard Charles Jackson, John Anthony Kaperick, Randall W. Kremkau, Michele Kuruc, Susan Kaplan, Melvin Lofgren, Lisa Pittman Love, Carolyn E. McDonald, Lynne Anne Mersfelder, Ruth Cowan Moore, Carol Ann Murray, David S. Nettleton, Capt. (ret.) Donald E. Nortrup, Kimberly Kaye Nye, Sherrie L. Rasmussen, Sennen S. Salapare, Tyra D. Smith, Michael R. Terrell, Ann Thorne, Stacey Topol, Darrell Gene Wallace, Michael J. Washington, Joseph M. Welch and Robert Ziobro: For helping NOAA workgroups focus energy on identifying issues from the SFA survey and recommending improvements to help improve NOAA's work environment.

Clark Weaver, James M. Belver and Rhonda Carpenter:
For outstanding achievement improving the quality of MASC safety services, resulting in significant enhancements in the workplace environment.

Facilities Management Team:
For addressing and resolving critical environmental issues that improved working conditions for NOAA employees.

Headquarters Personal Property Team, Eastern Administrative Support Center Personal Property Team, Central Administrative Support Center Personal Property Team, Western Administrative Support Center Personal Property Team and Mountain Administrative Support Center Personal Property Team: For exceptional leadership, commitment and dedication to the successful improvement of NOAA's personal property management system.

Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
NOAA Aircraft Operations Center's Science and Engineering Division: For outstanding achievements in instrumentation, modification and calibration of NOAA's three heavy aircraft to meet urgent scientific requirements.

Bruce E. Stone:
For outstanding electronic support that enabled NOAA ships and National Marine Fisheries Service scientists to meet data collection requirements.

Gary R. Gales, Sylvester J. Burks and Daniel J. Twohig:
For engineering achievement in accomplishing the major repair period for NOAA Ship Miller Freeman.

National Marine Fisheries Service
Jonathan M. Kurland, Lee R. Crockett, James P. Burgess, III, Tracy K. Collier, Jeffrey N. Cross, Jane S. Hannuksela, Cindy A. Hartmann, Mark Helvey, Ronald Hill, Thomas J. Minello, Ramona A. Schreiber and Susan-Marie Stedman: For developing a national regulatory program to describe, identify, conserve and enhance EFH as required by the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

Michael B. Rust and Thomas M. Scott:
For the design and implementation of an innovative water recirculation system that enhances the center's research capabilities for salmonid and marine fish culture.

Peter L. Berrien:
For development and utilization of egg survey data to assess spawning stock abundance and for improvement of forecast capabilities of fish populations in the northeast Continental shelf ecosystem.

Georgia Cranmore:
For significant contributions to the sustainable fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico.

Karin A. Forney:
For revealing a previously unrecognized threat to harbor porpoise, sea otters and seabirds off central California.

Irma V. Lagomarsino:
For outstanding contributions to the successful development and implementation of the Pacific offshore cetacean take reduction plan.

Walter F. Gandy, Travis A. Burke, Beverly D. Lambert, Mark B. McDuff and Daniel T. O'Brien:
For the development and implementation of a remote surveillance system resulting in a less costly method of apprehending law breakers and protecting critical habitat in the Florida Keys.

James C. Widman, Joseph Choromanski, Ronald Goldberg, Barry C. Smitha and Gary Wikfors:
For design, development and application of an integrated microalgal, recirculating-water shellfish nursery and wastewater treatment system for aquaculture.

Craig E. Johnson:
For developing and implementing training for NMFS regions and centers on preparing consultations under section 7 of the Endangered Species Act.

P. Michael Payne, Laurie K. Allen, Debra L. Palka, David C. Potter, John B. Walden and Donna S. Wieting:
For exemplary efforts to conserve strategic stocks of harbor porpoise in the Gulf of Main and the mid-Atlantic.

Joe Scordino, Robert DeLong, Thomas Eagle and Irma Lagomarsino:
For professional excellence and teamwork in developing concepts and policies for resolution of the seal and sea lion conflicts on the west coast.

Mark Terceiro:
For development of improved stock assessments and predictions of summer flounder and groundfish and contributions to peer reviews of stock assessments conducted by the National Academy of Sciences.

Michael R. Delarm:
For outstanding leadership developing strategies for the use of artificial propagation for salmonids.

James R. Bybee, Steven A. Edmonson, Ian B. Gilroy, Deanna R. Harwood, John K. Johnson, Dawn Andrews McIntosh and Christopher T. Mobley:
For exemplary efforts made to restore forty-one miles of chinook salmon spawning streams.

National Ocean Service
Neil K.Christerson:
For leadership in a multi-year effort that resulted in NOAA's approval of the Minnesota Coastal Zone Management Program.

Lloyd C. Huff and Lt. Cdr. Gerd F. Glang:
For outstanding scientific and engineering achievement in hydrographic surveying.

Kirby A. Gean, II, Leonard J. Arkenau, Derald W. Dudley, Thomas J. Finocchiaro, W. Erich Frey, Barbara B. Hess, Marc E. Higgins, Roger M. Johnson and Lara J. Petze:
For the conception and development of the critical chart correction Website.

Glenn P. Boledovich, Michael B. Brown, Capt. Samuel P. DeBow, Jr., Stephen K. Gill, Lloyd C. Huff, James R. Lucas, Dennis G. Milbert and David B. Zilkoski:
For leadership in developing and implementing an integrated plan for real-time navigation services.

Cdr. James C. Gardner, Jr., Robert L. Blackburn, Stephen Currie, Lt. Cdr. Gerd F. Glang, Eugene G. Hellickson, Lt. Thomas R. Jacobs, Lt. Cdr. Guy T. Noll, Jack L. Riley, Lt. Edward J. Van Den Ameele and Michael E. Webb:
For implementation of innovative shallow water multibeam survey technology aboard the NOAA Ship Rainier in 1998 and 1999.

David J. Chapman, Stephanie W. Fluke, James H. Jeansonne, John W. Iliff and Dolores C. Toscano:
For leadership and excellence in conducting a precedent-setting natural resource damage assessment in the wake of the 1993 Tampa Bay oil spill.

C. Brian Greenawalt:
For outstanding leadership, professional excellence and customer service in managing $21.5M in contracts for hydrographic surveys in fiscal year 1999.

Office of National Geodetic Survey, Office of Coast Survey and the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products:
For leadership in developing, implementing and transferring the techniques and technology needed to determine high-accuracy bridge clearance.

National Ocean Service:
For outstanding and distinguished leadership in implementing a regional approach for San Francisco Bay that represents notable innovation in research, development and delivery of federal services.

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Matelon duPree:
For contributions in furthering NOAA's scientific research programs through exceptionally conscientious administration of grants processing.

Marilyn I. Moll:
For increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the OAR Joint Institute Program, enabling outstanding scientists from around the world to work cooperatively with NOAA researchers.

Steven C. Ryan:
For outstanding community service to high school students in developing the Hawaii Island Volcanic Mist Monitoring and Research Network.

National Sea Grant College Program:
For a distinguished record of scientific research, education and public outreach focusing on coastal issues.

James L. Buizer, Candyce Clark, Randy Dole, Mark Eakin, Lisa Farrow, Claudia Nierenberg and Brigitte Thompson:
For extraordinary contribution to the design, development and implementation of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation Rapid Response Project.

Victor Omelczenko:
For superior management of the Office of Sea Grant's communications program and for leadership and mentoring of university-based communicators.

The David Skaggs Research Center Common Space Committee:
For playing a paramount role in the effective functionality, aesthetic beauty and creative usefulness of the common space areas of the David Skaggs
Research Center in Boulder, Colo.

Michael A. Doney (NESDIS), Terry M. Ganzel (NWS) and Richard N. Grubb, Britt Bassett, Richard Beeler, Robert J. Clark, Eric J. Hackathorn, Walter J.
Harrop, Stephanus G. Hauwert, Alex Hsia, Jerry B. Janssen, Robert P. Masten, Donald R. Mock, Brian L. Moore, Daniel E. Smith, Kirk W. Thoning and Stan Wilkison:
For exceptional leadership and expertise in developing a state-of-the-art telecommunications network for the David Skaggs Research Center in Boulder,

Thayne M. Thompson:
For outstanding contributions to the in situ measurement of trace gases that influence ozone-depletion and greenhouse warming.

Michael S. Uhart:
For successful completion of the NAPAP Biennial Report to Congress: An Integrated Assessment of the Acid Deposition Control Provision of the 1990
Clean Air Act Amendments.

National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
William G. Pichel and Pablo Clemente-Colon:
For superior contributions in the field of ocean remote sensing and pathfinding applications of spaceborne synthetic aperture radar systems.

Richard N. Grubb, Britt Bassett, Richard Beeler, Robert J. Clark, Michael A. Doney, Terry M. Ganzel, Eric J. Hackathorn, Walter J. Harrop, Stephanus G.
Hauwert, Alex Hsia, Jerry B. Janssen, Robert P. Masten, Donald R. Mock, Brian L. Moore, Daniel E. Smith, Kirk W. Thoning, Stan W. Wilkison:
For exceptional leadership and expertise in developing a state-of-the-art network for the David Skaggs Research Center.

J. Neal Lott, Dawn W. Anders, Stephen E. Fleming, Douglas P. Ross, Hilery T. Whitehurst and Vickie S. Wright:
For developing a state-of-the-art electronic commerce system that provides direct access to the world's climate data via the World Wide Web.

Paul S. Chang:
For outstanding and innovative contributions in the development of experimental satellite ocean-surface wind products.

Janice A.M. Sessing, Felix N. Kogan, Stephen D. Ambrose, Jane A. D'Aguanno, Christopher D. Elvidge, Debra A. Molenar, Elaine M. Prins, Thomas V. Snell
and Linda J. Williams:
For extraordinary development of unique and specialized remote sensing products that were used to protect the Amazonian rainforest from wild fires.

Paul P. Pellegrino:
For outstanding and extraordinary contributions to quality assurance of meteorological satellite data and products.

Karen M. Marks and David C. McAdoo:
For advancements in geophysics and tectonics of the southern oceans and Antarctic region using satellite altimeter data.

J. Dane Clark, Kira M. Alvarez, Robert M. Bassett, Barbara D. Brooks, H. James Silva and Charles Thomas Wooldridge:
For extraordinary achievements in leadership and management involving the U.S. Space-based Data Collection System.

John F. Weaver:
For outstanding public service in the application of forecast products to emergency preparedness and response.

Gary P. Ellrod, Robert M. Aune, Jaime M. Daniels, Donald W. Hillger, W. Paul Menzel, Debra A. Molenar, Anthony J. Mostek, Roger S. Phillips, Robert M. Rabin, Timothy J. Schmit, Roderick A. Scofield, Gary S. Wade, John F. Weaver and Raymond M. Zehr:
For the development and implementation of distance learning technology to enhance the expertise of National Weather Service forecasters.

Charles Wooldridge, Kira Alvarez, Daniel Cohen, Michael Mignogno, Timothy Stryker:
For excellence in developing NOAA's remote-sensing licensing program which promotes and enhances U.S. commercial and national security interests.

Office of Satellite Operations:
For exceptional service in the transition from Air Force to NOAA DMSP satellite operations ahead of schedule saving $10 million per year in operations.

National Weather Service
Steven D. Buan:
For pioneering efforts in the development and implementation of the NWS dynamic routing model for the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

Edward A. O'Lenic:
For developing the U.S. threats assessment product linking extended range climate outlooks to weather-related threats for emergency managers.

Douglas M. LeComte:
For developing the U.S. drought monitor product in coordination with the USDA, its National Drought Mitigation Center and NWS regional offices.

Michel Davison:
For the very significant enhancements of the services provided by the international desks at the Hydro- meteorological Prediction Center.

NWS Forecast Office, Amarillo, Tex.:
For providing critical weather forecast and warning services before and during the severe winter storm of Jan. 27-31, 1999.

William H. Hooke (OAR) and Donna B. Franklin:
For NOAA's outstanding leadership in Public Private Partnership 2000, an effort to reduce the impacts from natural hazards.

NWS National Reconditioning Center, Kansas City, Mo.:
For superior customer service for reducing equipment back orders to zero.

NWS Forecast Office, Jackson, Miss.:
For improving severe weather warning services which has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of weather- related fatalities in Mississippi.

NWS Forecast Office, Binghamton, N.Y.:
For exceptional warning services during the May 21 to June 2, 1998, tornado outbreaks in central New York and northeast Pennsylvania.

NWS Forecast Office, Tampa Bay, Fla.:
For significantly improving severe weather warning services and weather-related preparedness activities in central Florida.

NWS Forecast Office, Wilmington, Ohio:
For outstanding service before, during and after the Blue Ash tornado of April 9, 1999.

NWS Forecast Office, Tucson, Ariz.:
For outstanding efforts assuming all fire weather responsibilities for southeast Arizona.

Scott C. Kiser, Francis P. Richards and Joanna M. Dionne:
For the establishment of an operational reporting process that describes NOAA's actions during extreme weather events.

Anthony Mostek: For leadership in the development of training and education for NWS meteorologists on interpreting data from the new GOES satellites.

Salim Leyva, Doug Gaer, Jiann Gwo Jiing and Brian Scott Maher:
For major improvement in the dissemination of NWS forecast and warning information to emergency managers and the public.

Stanley B. Keefe:
For exemplary public outreach efforts that resulted in increased awareness of the hazards of severe weather in the Aberdeen County warning area.

James L. Partain:
For outstanding leadership in planning, organizing, directing and implementing MPC modernization activities for the period of Oct. 1, 1998 to Sept. 30,

William J. Urell, Paul D. Krenek, Douglas A. Martindale and Mark R. Tomash:
For meticulous attention to detail and superior knowledge that led to measurable improvements in WSR-88D data quality and system performance.

Mark S. Paese, Timothy A. Batliner, Michael R. Brown, Michelle A. Detommaso, Eric A. Parr, Thomas C. Raffa and Iyad A. Salman:
For successfully developing and implementing the new graphical user interface to the NWS engineering management reporting system.

NWS Forecast Offices, Pleasant Hill, Mo., and Dodge City, Wichita, Goodland, and Topeka, Kan., NWS Central Region Headquarters, and NWS
Meteorological Services Division, Kansas City, Mo.:
For critically significant contributions to the modernization and restructuring of the National Weather Service during the 1997-1998 pre-modernization demonstration.

Kenneth Putkovich, Jerald J. Dinges, Danny L. Duncan, Jeffrey J. Earl, T.L. Farrow, Peter Georgiou, Wayne E. Hart, Stanley Johnson, Jr., Larry J. Krudwig,
Darryl L. Modracek, Freddy Peters, Gregory N. Smith and Timothy A. Stanley:
For certification of a NOAA Weather Radio transmitter manufacturer in support of the expanded broadcast of weather warnings to the U.S. population.

Michael R. Terrell:
For providing outstanding leadership in technical support by managing parts obsolescence for NWS operational systems.

David S. Toronto:
For software development automating the console replacement system using AWIPS products, resulting in CRS becoming a viable part of dissemination.

Ira S. Brenner and Shirley J. Matejka:
For pioneering work on a control system for the NOAA Weather Radio national network of broadcast stations.

Khien B. Nguyen:
For enhancement and implementation of the Product Availability Monitoring System in support of modernized NWS telecommunications.

NWSO Corpus Christi, Texas, NWSFO Austin/San Antonio, Texas:
For providing life-saving, hydrologic warnings and other services during the historical, record- setting October 17-22, 1998 flood event in south Texas.

Southeast River Forecast Center, GA, NWSFO San Juan, PR:
For providing timely weather and hydrological forecasts to the U.S. Virgin Islands, PR, and the Southeast U.S. during Hurricane Georges in Sept. 1998.

Ronald Warren:
For initiative and leadership in planning and directing the design and construction of award-winning facilities for NWS national centers.

SAO AWIPS Procurement Team, NWS AWIPS Contracting Officer Technical, NWS AWIPS Program Control Office:
For excellence in managing and negotiating all aspects of the AWIPS prime contract for development, deployment and operation of the complete system

Timothy Barker:
For providing exceptional service to NWS fire weather clients through application of science and technology to resolve long standing problems.

AWIPS Deployment Division:
For excellence in managing AWIPS site survey and preparation, factory and site acceptance testing, training, and localization procedures.

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