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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

2002 NOAA Administrator’s Award

National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service
Diana Abney
Stanley Elswick
Anna Fiolek
Doria Grimes

Central Library Climate Data Imaging Team

Mai Edwards

Alternative Dispute Resolution

John L. Lillibridge

Navy's Geosat Follow-On Satellite Altimeter Mission

Patricia W. Viets, OPCA

Promotion of Satellite and Data Programs

Janet Wall

Customer service, increasing access to climatological data

National Marine Fisheries Service
Barry Berejikian
Robert Iwamoto
Penny Swanson

Captive Broodstock Research Program

Kathryn Bisack
Diane Borggaard
Phillip Clapham
Mary Colligan
David Gouveia
Gregg LaMontagne
Richard Merrick
Julie Williams

Processes to prevent whales from entanglement

Rachel Friedman
Dan Guy
Laura Hamilton
David Hirsh
Thomas Hooper
DeeAnn Kirkpatrick
Steve Landino
Marc Liverman
Ben Meyer
Nancy Munn
James Turner

Streamlining of Endangered Species Act

Jonathan Kurland
Mary O’Brien, OGC

Leadership, American Oceans Campaign, et al. v. Daley

Lynn deWitt

Development of information systems for NMFS and NOAA missions

James Hastie

Contributions to West Coast Groundfish Fishery

Mark Holliday

Leadership, Building Sustainable Fisheries Strategic Planning

William Jackson

Development of Galveston Bay Estuary Program

Pamela Mace

Advancement of fisheries science and resource management

Nancy Majower

IT Customer service

Bruce Morehead

Acting Director, Office of Sustainable Fisheries

Joseph Powers

Development of policies for use of tuna in Atlantic Ocean

National Ocean Service
Gerald G. Esch
Hanna B. Goss
Donna G. McCaskill
Frank A. Ruopoli

Coastal Services Magazine Team

Carol A. Bernthal

Conservation of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

Peter L. Grose

Establishment/improvement of Internship Program

Brian E. Julius

Conservation, Gulf Coast Branch, Damage Assessment Center

Joshua Lott

Coastal Impact Assistance Program

Elizabeth A. Moore

Public access to National Marine Sanctuary Program

National Weather Service
Vico Baer
Mary Buckingham
Michael Carelli
Allan Darling
Charles Piercy

Radar Product Central Collection/Distribution Service

Curtis Carey, OPCA
Robert Chartuk , OPCA
Delores Clark, OPCA
Carmeyia Gillis
Frank Lepore, OPCA
John Leslie, OPCA
Pat Slattery, OPCA
Marilu Trainor, OPCA
Ron Trumbla, OPCA
Susan Weaver, OPCA

Public Affairs Team

Henry E. (Ted) Buehner

NOAA Weather Radio

Jeffrey S. Cotterman

Alaska Region Internet Services

Reggina Garza

Nicaragua's First River Forecast Center

Elliott Jacks

NWS Training Program

Victor I. Koren

Flash flood forecasting

Andrew S. Rorke

Aviation Verify Program

Theresa Rossi

Improvement of Hydrology Program

Pablo Santos

Training, scientific support at WFO, Miami

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Lois Arford, OFA
Sharon Berner
Dennis Dauphin, OFA
Kent Groninger
Ernest Hildner
Nancy Kinkade, OFA

Boulder Rent Team, Skaggs Center

Mark Blades
Diane Rinaldo

Budget processes, customer service

James Churnside
James Wilson

NOAA Fish Lidar

Richard Feely
Rik Wanninkhof

Oceanic Carbon cycle

Roland Draxler

Development of dispersion model product suite

Fred C. Fehsenfeld

Research programs in climate and air quality

Kenneth Mooney

El Niño Southern Oscillation observing system

James E. Overland

SEARCH Program

Russell C. Schnell

Program advancement at Baseline Climate Observatories

Francis M. Schuler, Jr.

National Sea Grant College Program

Cynthia Sellinger

Great Lakes water level analysis and outreach

Office of Finance and Administration
Freddie S. Bushaw
Susan L. Cuff
Irene M. Decker
Fred L. Hill, Jr.
Randy W. Kremkau
Melody E. Person
Renita D. Richardson

Consolidation of MASC T&A Services

Joseph D. D’Felio
Carolyn C. George
Janette M. Labbee
Donna L. Rimmer
Patricia D. Stone

BankCard Center Team

Thomas W. Howcroft
Diane Husereau
Joel L. Perlroth
Jeremy C. Warren, OAR
Sandy Wine

IT Electronic Store

Nancy A. McCary, NOS
Mark B. Rew, NWS
Natalie D. Smith
Allison Soussi-Tanani, OAR
James F. Wantz, NWS

Section 508 Web Implementation Team

Lois E. Coleman

Improved financial and travel policy

Carolyn Riley-Payne

Customer service at WASC, outreach programs

Office of the General Counsel
Kathryn Conant, NMFS
Jane Hannuksela
Stephen Waste, NMFS

Contributions to Hydropower Program

Charles R. Juliand
James M. MacDonald, NMFS

Use of cutting edge technologies in litigation

Kimberley Kendall

Homeland Security/Continuity of Operations Planning

Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
Jorge Delgado
Sean McMillan

WP-3D Orion aircraft tracking system

Diana F. Lewis

Tracking OMAO's budget

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