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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

2001 NOAA Administrator’s Award

Office of Policy and Strategic Planning
Roger B. Griffis
For leadership in the implementation of Executive Order 13158 on Marine Protected Areas.

Office of the Deputy Under Secretary
Barbara Moore
Michael Kelly
Christine M. Maloy
Claire Johnson
For the development of an innovative report that creates a U.S. strategy for ocean exploration.

Daniel Cohen
Mark R. Haflich
For providing legal counsel and drafting assistance thathas ensured NOAA's resource regulatory actions were timely and effective.

Office of Finance and Administration
Victor R. Stewart
For exhibiting exceptional leadership abilities and interaction and always "putting the customer first."

Rich Beeler
Gregg Bass
Carol Baldwin
David Barglow
Sandy Wine
Annie Baker
For leadership in developing the NOAA Administrative Forms Web Site.

Charlotte Melton
For selfless dedication to continuous program and policy improvement in the Office of Finance and Administration.

Office of General Counsel
Lindy S. Johnson
Ole Varmer
For contributions in establishing the United States' first internationally recognized Particularly Sensitive Sea Area in the Florida Keys.

Office of Public and Constituent Affairs
Gregory Hernandez
Janet Ward
For redesign of the NOAA Homepage.

Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
Dennis Shields
David Benigni
Paul Kostovick
For development and implementation of the fisheries scientific computer system.

National Marine Fisheries Service
Garth Griffin
Steve Stone
For developing and implementing a highly innovative approach that improved the likelihood of recovering severely depleted Pacific salmon populations, and fostered needed cooperation among those who manage these treasured resources.

Tony A. Lowery
For contributing to the conservation of depleted fishery resources by achieving greater public acceptance of research findings, improving agency contract management processes, and realizing significant, continuing contract cost savings.

Bradley S. Weinlaeder
For leadership and responsive action to contain and clean-up the damage resulting from a serious coastal oil leak.

Ambrose Jearld
For contributions to the conservation of the world's fisheries and protected marine resources, improvement of global fisheries science and management, and international acclamation for NOAA administrative leadership.

Gary C. Matlock
William Chappell
Mariam McCall
Marilyn Luipold
Gary Stauffer
For developing conservation policy that eliminates the potential abuse of scientific research exemptions in order to circumvent fishing regulations, and facilitates needed ocean science.

National Ocean Service
Samuel P. Orlando, Jr.
John J. McDonough III
George A. Ringstad
David M. Lott
Craig W. Russell Jr.
Christopher G. Clement
Christina C. Johnson
Stephen R. Gittings
Laura A. Francis
Douglas A. Friske
LCDR Michele G. Bullock, OMAO
For leadership, professionalism and innovation in public service during the first two field seasons of the Sustainable Seas Expeditions.

Nina H. Garfield
Kathryn L. Ries
Stephen T. Morrison
Thomas J. Culliton
Davida G. Remer
CDR Jonathan Bailey
Michael L. Aslaksen
David B. Zilkoski
Edward D. Allen
Charles J. Klein, III
For public service in the development of flood risk assessment in the binational Tijuana River Watershed.

LCDR William B. Kearse
For leadership as Program Manager of the Airport Survey Program, a collaboration effort between NOAA and the Federal Aviation Administration.

John Lindsay
For leadership and accomplishment in environmental conservation for the cleanup and remediation of the Pribilof Islands.

Thomas F. LaPointe
Arthur E. Paterson
Stephen T. Morrison
Davida G. Remer
Susan H. Buda
Denise P. Yver
For developing and implementing a World Wide Web site for the World Commission on Protected Areas.

Ronald G. Gouguet
For leadership and innovation in advancing NOAA's natural resource trustee mission and restoring coastal natural resources.

Dwight D. Trueblood
Cynthia B. Fowler
Megan E. Treml
Timothy R. Goodspeed
For teamwork in environmental conservation to develop a Protected Area Geographic Informational System for National Estuarine Research Reserves.

David W. Kaiser
For initiating and completing the difficult and politically sensitive task of revising and finalizing the Federal Consistency regulations.

Billy D. Causey
Theodore M. Beuttler
June E. Cradick
Joanne M. Delaney
Mark R. Haflich
Benjamin D. Haskell
Vernon R. Leeworthy
Peter C. Wiley
For establishing the Nation's largest marine reserve which will preserve the richness of the species and the health of fish stocks in the Tortugas and throughout the Florida Keys.

National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service
Kenneth D. Davidson
For leadership and innovation in the implementation of the Climate Data Base Modernization Program at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center.

John Paquette
John Pereira
For establishing operational receipt, processing and distribution of INSAT geostationary satellite data within NOAA.

Linda A. Brown
For implementation and administrative support of significant NESDIS initiatives over the last three years.

Christopher D. Elvidge
For development of disaster information products and processes for disaster mitigation using Defense Meteorological Satellite Program data.

Carolyn Alderman
For contributions in workforce management which have significantly improved the management culture and organizational efficiency in NESDIS.

National Weather Service
Sallie Nolan
Steve Collins
Frances Misenheimer
Daniel Starosta
Sue Murphy
For Center upgrades which made new and timely data available to the Nation's marine community.

Carl L. Peabody
For leading a nationwide project to have National Weather Service (NWS) phone numbers, Internet addresses, and local NOAA Weather Radio frequencies placed in the government listings sections of telephone directories.

Carl Gorski
Graham Stork
For efforts in upgrading the Air Transportable Mobile Units of the National Weather Service.

Bartlett C. Hagemeyer
For leadership in scientific research and collaboration resulting in innovative techniques for improved forecasting of hazardous weather in Florida.

Solomon G. Summer
For leadership of the National Weather Service Eastern Region's Hydrologic services program before, during, and after the National Weather Service Modernization.

Armando L. Garza
Edwin C. Clark
Richard A. Stitt
For the development and production of the dual language video "Flood Warning Systems - Saving Lives and Property" which strengthened the NWS partnership with the media and local County Flood Control Managers, and enhanced outreached to the citizens of the U.S. and Mexico.

Michael S. Lewis
For contributions to NOAA's Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program and for furthering atmospheric science education and diversity initiatives.

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Julius F. Craynock, III
For advocacy, dedication and commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity principles and outreach activities during the last 20 years.

Georgia Madrid
For Equal Employment Opportunity contributions and leadership on behalf of the American Indian community.

Daniel Law
Scott A. McLaughlin
Sergio A. Pezoa
Madison Post
Bob Weber
David C. Welsh
Daniel E. Wolfe
For innovative engineering development of a new observing system to improve the NOAA's forecasts of weather and climate.

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