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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

1999 NOAA Administrator’s Award

Office of the Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere
Lee Porter:
For outstanding dedication and commitment to personal and professional performance.

Office of High Performance Computing and Communications
Mike Kane, Harriet Chesi, Gary Falk, Alex Hsia, John Kyler, Brian Maher, Joel Perlroth, Ed Rappaport and Bill Turnbull:
For substantially increasing NOAA's ability to meet the demand for hurricane advisory information through the Internet from hundreds of thousands of general public, state and local government and private sector Web users.

Office of General Counsel
Mark Eames:
For exceptional leadership with the development and execution of the Columbia River Basin Forum.

Mariam McCall:
For outstanding performance and dedication to the ongoing development of international and domestic rebuilding programs for Atlantic highly migratory species.

Katherine A. Pease:
For significant and unique contribution to the development, implementation and improvement of natural resource damage assessment and restoration actions.

Glenn E. Tallia:
For outstanding contribution to the national and international development of data access laws and policies.
Michael Weiss: For outstanding achievements and extraordinary contributions to the National Marine Sanctuary Program.

Office of Finance and Administration
Susan Cuff, Mary Berklund, Elizabeth Cano, Kelly Curtis, John Hanson, Elizabeth Hess, Janice Kolk, Sandra O'Brien, Colette Magwood and James Warren:
For contribution to the successful implementation of the Personnel Demonstration Project.

George R. Lambert:
For development of the manifest system that automates shipment of items to the National Logistics Support Center.

Edward A. Wolfgang, Joyce Bowman, Candace Myers and Mary Trundle:
For outstanding contributions to the conversion of NOAA's financial management system to be compliant with the Department of the Treasury's standard general ledger.

Stephanie J. Jones, Marie Buie-Walker, Terri Lewis and Necolle Mayhew-Eimas:
For outstanding contribution in implementing a successful survey, feedback and action process for NOAA.

Barbara Marshall-Bailey:
For outstanding contribution to the development of NOAA's Diversity Program.
Systems Acquisition Office

Gary Rice and Steven Thornton:
For the development and production of the Next Generation Weather Radar System.

Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
Lt. Jeffrey C. Hagan, Lt. Michele A. Finn, Lt. Phillip G. Hall, James D. Houston, Jr., Lt. John K. Longenecker, Michael J. Merek, Lt. Mark P. Moran, Alexander K. Rotteveel and Lt. Cdr. Thomas E. Strong:
For an outstanding record of professionalism, quality and dedication in supporting a number of diverse NOAA projects related to the Aircraft Operations Center's Twin Otter aircraft.

Vincent Giacchina:
For extraordinary accomplishments and unique engineering solutions for the repair and mission support to three of NOAA's ships.

Jerry Jarrell (NWS), Frank Lepore (OPCA) and Capt. Donald D. Winter, Lixion Avila, George W. Closser, A. Barry Damiano, Cdr. Philip M. Kenul, Cdr. Stephen A. Kozak, James D. McFadden, Howard C. Moore, Jr., Lt. Cdr. Timothy C. O'Mara, Cdr. Frank R. Philippsborn, Juan C. Pradas-Bergnes, Mark E. Rogers, Stevan A. Wade and Cpt. Donald D. Winter:
For an outstanding public education effort that created international awareness of the state-of-the-art in hurricane measurement technology for individuals affected by Hurricane Georges on the Caribbean islands and Cuba.

National Marine Fisheries Service
Kimberly B. Blankenbeker:
For extraordinary leadership and contribution to the international conservation and management of highly migratory fish stocks in the Atlantic Ocean.

Barbara L. Comstock:
For outstanding contribution to the design and implementation of an efficient state-of -the-art electronic network.

Jan J. Charity:
For the extraordinary contributions made to the National Marine Fisheries Service that have resulted in the improvement of administrative and operational processes.

Rodney C. Dalton:
For achievement of important program goals and for superior management that has resulted in substantial improvement in the effectiveness and quality of Department of Commerce's service.

Natalie B. Huff:
For outstanding contributions made to the management and execution of employee development, program management, diversity and equal employment opportunity programs within the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Bonnie J. Ponwith:
For excellent management and analysis of data acquisition needs for fisheries and protected species information.

Rickey N. Ruebsamen, Mary O'Brienand and William B. Jackson:
For professional excellence and leadership in the successful implementation of Environmental Conservation Program activities under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

Robert Turner, Steve Landino, Matthew Longenbaug and Michael Parton:
For extraordinary achievement and leadership in the development and implementation of a successful NMFS habitat conservation plan that has contributed significantly to the recovery of endangered and threatened salmonids in the Pacific Northwest.

Usha Varanasi, Peter Kareiva, Lynn Krasnow and Michael Schiewe:
For leadership in the design, implementation and completion of the anadromous fish appendix that resulted in redirection of natural resources to focus on producing first-class timely products with scientific integrity.

Susan E. Wigley:
For major improvements to fishery catch and fishing effort databases in the U.S. Northeast which were indispensable in supporting stock assessments and management of fishery resources in the region.

National Ocean Service
Suzanne B. Bricker, Christopher G. Clement and Douglas E. Pirhalla:
For their groundbreaking study of eutrophication in U.S. estuaries and coastal waters.

William G. Kass, Robert L. Dulaney, III, William H. Dillinger, Robert B. Leonard, Gerald L. Mader, Dale G. Pursell and Mark S. Schenewerk:
For outstanding teamwork in the development, implementation and maintenance of the Global Positioning System orbital products for the past decade.

William G. Conner:
For extraordinary federal leadership of coastal stewardship in the environmental conservation and management of NOAA's Damage Assessment and Restoration Program.

David Walter Engel:
For scientific contributions that increased the overall understanding of how chemical contaminants affect living marine resources.

John C. Kern:
For exceptional leadership in developing and implementing innovative, precedent-setting approaches in the field of natural resource damage assessment.

Michael Wayne LaCroix:
For scientific contributions that documented the effects of urbanization and agricultural development on the living marine resources in Florida Bay.

R. Randall Schneider, Nina H. Garfield, Matthew E. Menashes and M. Nathalie Peter:
For successful federal designation of three national estuarine research reserves.

Richard A. Snay, Gordon W. Adams, Donald E. Haw, Frank W. Mowry and Neil D. Weston:
For developing and implementing UFCORS, a user-friendly information system that increased navigational safety and efficiency.

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Leon Cammen:
For personal excellence in managing complex environmental programs and providing unique contributions to management of the National Sea Grant College Program.

Thomas E. Croley, II:
For outstanding research, development and application of advanced hydrological and lake level predictions for the Great Lakes.

Peter F. Landrum:
For extraordinary leadership and efforts in the regional, national and international aquatic contaminants community.

Francis A. Schiermeier:
For outstanding leadership of the NOAA Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division in producing innovative air-quality modeling systems for cross-agency purposes.

Mary Catherine Steward:
For creating revolutionary improvements to the administrative support functions of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory.

National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
Barbara O. Boyd:
For exceptional administrative support that contributed to efficient facility management and employee health and safety in NESDIS and NOAA.

Lawrence M. G. Enomoto:
For extraordinary coordination of the Global Observation Information Network and for preparing and conducting the Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

John R. Fauerbach:
For design, development and implementation of help desk and information desk systems that dramatically improved user support services at the National Climatic Data Center.

John O. Kinsfather:
For exemplary leadership and innovative vision in the management, development and implementation of NOAA's information systems.

Lance Seman:
For outstanding contributions to the NOAA/NESDIS Fairbanks command and data acquisition station's 13-meter antenna system upgrade project.

Leanchan Charles Sun:
For technical leadership in the development of the Web-based interactive data access and retrieval system that improved access to oceanographic data at the National Oceanographic Data Center.

National Weather Service
John Bradley, Michael DeWeese, Robert Elvander, Dana Griffin, Ida Hakkarinen, Charles Kluepfel, Jamie Kousky, Daniel Petersen, Robin Radlein, Joanne Swanson and Martha Yacoub:
For successful completion of the operations phase of the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System's 4.2 operational test and evaluation.

Thomas Graziano:
For providing leadership and vision to improve quantitative precipitation forecasts to the user community.

Norman W. Junker:
For significant and unique contributions to improved operational heavy rain and snow forecasts from National Weather Service offices across the nation.

William H. Lerner and Linda S. Kremkau:
For the revitalization and implementation of a completely revised service assessment process.

Bernard N. Meisner:
For consistently providing an exceptionally high level of scientific and service support to the NWS field offices.

Jill R. Meldon: For excellence in the formulation, preparation and submission of the NWS modernization systems budget.

John V. Wright, Jr.:
For dedication in helping the National Weather Service achieve the vision of improved diversity.

Martin C. Yerg, Jr.:
For continued efforts to maintain free and unrestricted flow of international data in support of NOAA's programs.

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