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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

1998 NOAA Administrator’s Award

Office of International Affairs
Prudence Ives Fox

Office of Finance and Administration
Lawrence L. Carter
Charles L. Kilgore
Janette M. Labbee
Paul F. Spizzirri
Sandra J. Wine

General Counsel
Nancy T. Briscoe
Anton P. Giedt
Allison Val Areias

National Marine Fisheries Service
Timothy R. Osborn, Richard D. Hartman, Jan L. Koellen, Teresa A. McTigue, Rickey N. Ruebsamen, Erik Zobrist

Tim D. Smith

Robert C. Ziobro, Molly Holt

National Ocean Service
Geoffrey W. French
Thomas F. LaPointe
Richard B. Mieremet

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Anthony J. Francavilla, David A. Merritt, Kenneth P. Moran, Dr. Madison J. Post, David C. Welsh

Kenneth P. Jones

Barbara S. Moore

Dr. Edward P. Myers

John A. Robbins

Office of NOAA Corps Operations
James P. Hutton, Allen E. Gary, Larry A. Loewen, Stephen Macri, Matthew N. Ofsthus, Jonathan Shannahoff

Warren K. Taguchi

National Weather Service
Betty Dodds, Holly Turri

T. L. Farrow, Hugh M. White

David W. Reynolds

Nicholas R. Scheller

Larry Struble, George Fislar, Alan Rezek, Vladimir Ryshko, Ray Young

Barbara G. W. Tobe

Thomas A. Townsend, J. Jack Fey, Alvin H. Gushikuma, Victor W. Murphy, Kevin R. Murray, Tim Ross

Charly L. Wells

National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
Arthur L. Booth

Rusty L. Foley

Vicki Horton, Terrinthia Herrion, Linda Hurd, Debra Payne

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