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NOAA Workforce Management Office

Serving NOAA's Most Valuable Asset - People

Awards History

1996 NOAA Administrator’s Award

Office of International Affairs
Jacqueline Rousseau

Policy and Strategic Planning
William A. Archambault
Donna S. Wieting
Lt. Douglas D. Baird
Jeanne L. Hanson

General Counsel
Linda S. Johnson

Public and Constituent Affairs
Christopher J. Smith

Coastal Ocean Program
Isobel Sheifer

Office of Finance and Administration
Ralph P. Conlin
Richard Roberts
Ferrol L. Truman

National Marine Fisheries Service
John T. Everett
Jan Charity
Carolyn McDonald
Shirley V. Smith
Donna Darm
Michael Schiewe
Mark C. Holliday
Richard W. Surdi

National Ocean Service
David L. Evans
Pamela J. Fromhertz
W. Scott Page

Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Alfred J. Bedard
Chandrakant Bhumralkar
Mark S. Swenson
Mark H. Bushnell
Mayra C. Pazos
Geraldine A. Taylor
Freud P. Park
Ronald J. Stouffer

National Weather Service
Patricia A. Haas
H. Lee Kelley, Jr.
John H. Dragomir
William L. Sparkman

National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
Robert H. Feden
Thomas Reek
Sharon A. Souther

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